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Code Council Bylaws Committee Update

The International Code Council Bylaws serve as the primary governing document of the association. The Code Council Bylaws Committee was established to evaluate proposed bylaw amendments, provide input and propose additional related actions to the Code Council Board of Directors (See Council Policy 43-08.)

Recently, Code Council President Greg Wheeler appointed the committee that will conduct the first major review of the bylaws since their creation. The Code Council Board and Chief Executive Officer feel that a comprehensive look at the bylaws is important given the growth of the organization, the Code Council's 2025 strategic plan, and the changing world around us.

The following individuals have been appointed to serve on the committee:

Additionally, President Wheeler appointed the following three ex officio, non-voting members from the Emerging Leaders Membership Council to serve on the committee:

  • Elizabeth Arrington – Kentucky
  • Andre Jaen – Colorado
  • Benjamin Breadmore – Maine

President Wheeler has charged the Committee with evaluating potential amendments that would address natural or man-made emergencies or disasters, and with considering other potential revisions that the Committee determines to be prudent and in the best interests of the organization.

The next Bylaws Committee meeting is scheduled for September 1, 2020. The Committee will continue its work through a series of meetings throughout the fall and will develop a detailed report for the Code Council Board to consider in December 2020.

Member engagement will be critical to the Committee’s work. Please submit your feedback and comments related to the bylaws to memberinput@iccsafe.org.