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For Immediate Release: October 10, 2019
Contact: Madison Neal | (202) 754-1173
Updated California Solar Permitting Guidebook now available
International Code Council partners with the State of California to help jurisdictions streamline small-scale solar installation permitting

Washington, D.C. – The International Code Council is partnering with the state of California to make the latest edition of the California Solar Permitting Guidebook (4th edition updated 2019) more widely accessible to jurisdictions in the state by featuring the publication on its online resource section. The new edition was developed in response to new legislative orders and updated codes and is intended to assist local governments by providing guidance on how to improve their permitting of small solar energy systems.

“The Code Council is excited to work with the State of California to promote awareness of the new guidelines on small solar installations permitting,” said Code Council Executive Vice President Mark Johnson. “We are committed to innovation, and we value working with like-minded partners to enhance safety and efficiency for all communities.”

As one of the worldwide leaders in renewable energy, California has been committed to removing barriers to small-scale renewable energy, such as the patchwork of permitting requirements for small solar installations. First published in 2012, the guidebook is a collective effort to streamline the permitting process, with collaboration from local government, the building industry, professional associations, solar companies, utility providers and state regulatory agencies. It lists current codes and regulations, outlines the project approval process, offers recommendations for expedited local solar permitting, and provides resources and information.

The guidebook is produced by the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) alongside other state agencies. This edition of the guidebook centers on the permit review and approval process for installing a rooftop solar system. It was developed to help local governments improve permitting for small Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems and explains state requirements for Solar PV, outlines local permitting steps, and recommends several ways the local agencies can improve permitting of the solar PV systems.

The updated guidebook is available on the Code Council’s website via online access, PDF download or in print. Learn more about the California Solar Permitting Guidebook through the OPR website.


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About the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research:
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