2020 Building Safety Month Proclamations

The International Code Council thanks our chapters and jurisdictions across the nation that proclaim Building Safety Month. Each year, governors, mayors, county executives and other officials sign proclamations, official statements and letters of recognition. Check out our Building Safety Month Proclamation Guide for suggestions on how to go about obtaining a proclamation. Details on submitting proclamations follow the map, and include a new option to submit online.

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Submitting Proclamations

This year, the Code Council offers an easy option for submitting your proclamation. If you are a chapter and would like to use our template, you can simply click below, fill out the pertinent information needed on our online form, upload your chapter logo or seal, and a downloadable digital copy of your proclamation will be submitted.

If you are a jurisdiction or other entity and would like to submit a proclamation with your own wording, you can upload the document to our website directly by using the same form (see header that says, "Upload or Generate a Proclamation"). We invite you to upload a clear photo from the proclamation signing ceremony as well (see header that says, "Ceremony Image").

If you prefer, you still have the option of sending a copy of your jurisdiction's proclamation by email or by mail:

International Code Council Headquarters
500 New Jersey Avenue, NW, 6th Floor
Washington, DC 20001