Code Adoption Resources

Access the latest tools and information about Code Adoptions through the International Code Council. There are sample ordinances, a map with contact info of people who can assist and answer questions and FAQs.

Submit or update International Code Adoptions information for your jurisdiction.

Sample Adoption Ordinances

Click here to view/download sample adoption ordinances in Word and PDF fomats.

Who to Call

The Who To Call map contains links by state to ICC offices and staff members across the country who can assist with code adoption efforts and answer questions about our products and services.

Adoption of International Code Council Codes and Standards: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The International Code Council makes its model codes and standards (collectively known as “codes”) available for use by both the public and private sectors. The codes are updated regularly through a consensus process to ensure that they reflect the latest advances in knowledge and technology related to the field of building safety.

If a governmental agency or authority having jurisdiction over code adoption (AHJ) wishes to adopt a model code for legislative or regulatory purposes, it should enact an ordinance, regulation or law (collectively “law”) to incorporate by reference (IBR) the relevant code. The enacting law should also include the full text of any changes or amendments enacted by the legislative body of the AHJ.

The following FAQs provide additional information about the adoption of model codes by jurisdictions. The Code Council has an extensive support network of experts to help AHJs adopt or update their codes in addition to information on funding that may be available to offset the cost of code development, adoption and implementation, including training.