Disaster Recovery Reform Act sec. 1206

FEMA recently announced guidance to implement a new program, “Building Code and Floodplain Management Administration and Enforcement,” that Congress established in 2018 through the Disaster Recovery and Reform Act (DRRA). The program is implemented under FEMA’s public assistance (PA) program and is intended to provide communities with the resources needed to effectively administer and enforce state and locally adopted building codes and floodplain management ordinances. The program’s goals are to increase the overall speed of recovery and enhance compliance with state and local building codes and floodplain management ordinances.

This code enforcement assistance is triggered within areas subject to a major disaster declaration. Reimbursement is only available eligible activities undertaken within 180 days after the date of the major disaster declaration.

Click here for a Code Council factsheet on the program that’s tailored to code officials.

Click here for the slides FEMA presented at the Code Council’s June 3, 2021 webinar on the post-disaster assistance program. Slides 21-22 include an extensive list of FEMA resources on DRRA 1206, the Public Assistance program, and mutual aid.

Click here for a recording of this webinar.

Click here for a in-depth presentation from FEMA on DRRA 1206.

Click here for how to apply for Building Code Administration and Enforcement Reimbursement through FEMA's Public Assistance Program.

We encourage you to reach out to your FEMA regional building sciences contact and us at ICC (advocacy@iccsafe.org) with any additional questions.