Public Relations for Building and Fire Officials. The purpose of this resource is to help you build positive public and media relations. This information that will assist you in promoting your building or fire department as a professional public service dedicated to safety in your jurisdiction.

Home Safety

Building safety and fire prevention codes help to keep your family safe:

Safety Tips for Your Home. We are happy to provide you with information to help your family learn more about building safety and the important part building codes and permits play in your everyday life.

Is your backyard party friendly? Summer safety tips from the International Code Council.

Wildfire season. Make your property a defensible space against wildfires.

Back-to School

Campus Fire Safety. College students should add fire safety to their to-do lists.

Accessibility Info

Improving the Accessibility of Buildings for People with Disabilities. Want to get an overall understanding of accessibility? Learn about the codes, standards and laws that address accessibility of buildings.

Public Safety

White Paper: Code Council, NEMA and Partners Identify Recommendations for Effective National Mitigation Effort  

Disaster prevention and response goal of FEMA, Code Council agreement 

Careers in Code Enforcement 

Wanted: Public Safety Volunteers