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Codes & Standards

The 2021 code change submission process marked the beginning of the code development process for the 2024 I-Codes. This process takes place every three years and is open, transparent, and inclusive. All interested parties are encouraged to participate by submitting a code change proposal, testifying at the code hearings, or applying for a position with a Code Development Committee. Here's a recap of our 2021 codes and standards development activity.

2021 Group A Code Hearings

  • The International Code Council Committee Action Hearings were held from April 11 through May 5. This year's virtual hearings offered code officials, architects, builders, plumbing officials, contractors, mechanical officials, engineers, and fire service professionals the opportunity to provide input on the proposed code changes to the Group A International Codes (I-Codes).
  • Public comment hearings were held in Pittsburgh in September followed by the completion of the online governmental consensus vote.
ICC by Number

The 2021 Committee Action Hearings had the largest participation ever and we heard overwhelmingly positive feedback from all involved.

- Mike Pfeiffer, Senior Vice President, Technical Services


In-Depth Review of Performance Code

  • The Code Council engaged a wide array of U.S. and international experts in code use and enforcement and performance-based building control systems to launch a process of reimagining the International Code Council Performance Code for Buildings and Facilities (ICCPC).

The goal of this in-depth review was to gain a better understanding of current perspectives across multiple disciplines about how performance-based approaches are viewed, especially in the United States; we ultimately want to leverage the past two decades of increasing use of performance-based codes around the world to create a performance-based framework that could be embraced in the U.S. and globally.

- Judy Zakreski, Vice President of Global Services


Long-Term Code Development
Process Committee

  • This committee was formed in 2016 to thoroughly examine the code development process and recommend process updates and changes to the Code Council Board.
  • This year, the committee made recommendations for an Online Governmental Consensus Vote (OGCV) Voter statement, federal preemption, cost impact, and a comprehensive restructuring of the code development process effective for the 2024 Cycle.

Off-site Construction Standards

  • Working with the Modular Building Institute (MBI), the Code Council developed two new standards, 1200 and 1205, to support the safe and effective use of off-site construction. Standard 1200 covers the design/fabrication process and Standard 1205 covers the regulatory process.
  • This launch engaged our overall off-site strategy, thanks to ICC-ES, IAS and NTA as part of this effort.
  • The Code Council and MBI are in the process of developing Standard 1210, which will address requirements for mechanical, electrical and plumbing system elements, energy efficiency and water conservation in off-site construction projects.
ICC mbi 1205-2021 ICC mbi 1200-2021

As off-site construction becomes a viable solution to address housing affordability issues, the Code Council has focused on expanding its standards portfolio, providing product evaluation and training resources to industry professionals tasked with meeting these demands.

- Ryan Colker, Vice President of Innovation


Architectural & Engineering Services

  • In 2021, we continued to help code professionals understand and apply our codes and standards by offering plan reviews, code commentaries and code interpretations. This year we answered nearly 30,000 customer calls for help.

Even in the midst of the continuing pandemic in 2021, it is very clear that our members are still busy, albeit many virtually, as evidenced by the over 30,000 interpretations that our technical staff provided.

- Mike Pfeiffer, Senior Vice President, Technical Services


Major Publications Released in 2021

In 2021, we began the rollout of three popular series of I-Code support publications:

  • 2021 Code and Commentary for the IWUIC, IECC, IMC, IFGC and IPMC
  • 2021 Essentials series for the IRC, IECC, IEBC and IPC
  • 2021 Study Companions for the IBC, IRC, IPC, IMC and IFGC
ICC by Number ICC by Number ICC by Number

We released publications covering a variety of critical topics for building safety professionals:

  • Building Department Administration, 5th Edition
  • Model Program for Online Services, which also contains Remote Virtual Inspections
  • Large-Scale PV Systems: Based on IBC, IFC and NEC
  • Accessibility PocketBook: 2021 IBC, 2021 IEBC and A117.1-2017
publications iecc publications media

International work continued with the development of 15 Study Companions and Guides to the Saudi Building Code.

ICC by Number

Through important industry partnerships, we released key resources including:

  • ICC/MBI 1200 and 1205 Standards for Off-site Construction (in partnership with Modular Building Institute)
  • 2018 IgCC User’s Manual (in partnership with ASHRAE)
  • 2021 IBC Illustrated Handbook (in partnership with McGraw-Hill)
resources igcc resources illustrated
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