The code change proposal monograph for the 2012/2013 Code Change cycle is posted below.

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Group A - Proposed Changes to the 2012 Editions

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Updates to the 2012 Proposed Changes to the International Codes (Updated 4-17-12) Published 02/26/15 1358 KB
Complete Monograph (2,645 pages) Published 02/26/15 27270 KB
Introduction Published 02/26/15 341 KB
IBC-E - International Building Code - Means of Egress Published 02/26/15 5295 KB
IBC-FS - International Building Code - Fire Safety Published 02/26/15 4451 KB
IBC-G - International Building Code - General Published 02/26/15 6204 KB
IBC-S - International Building Code - Structural (see note below) Published 02/26/15 8701 KB
IFGC - International Fuel Gas Code Published 02/26/15 848 KB
IMC - International Mechanical Code Published 02/26/15 2782 KB
IPC - International Plumbing Code Published 02/26/15 2786 KB
International Building Code - Fire Safety (FS) Revised Hearing Order Published 02/26/15 14 KB

Note: The structural provisions to the IEBC which will be considered by the IBC- Structural Code Committee are posted with the IBC-Structural provisions.


New Standards Proposed In 2012 Code Change Cycle Listed By Standards Organization

The following are comments by ICC staff regarding certain aspects of standards proposed to be referenced in the ICC Codes by code change proposals submitted for the 2012/2013 cycle. The comments relate to portions of the criteria for standards contained in Section 3.6 of CP#28.