Building Tours Sun. Oct. 8  ▪  Insight Sessions Mon. Oct. 9  ▪  Education Tue. Oct. 10

Grow your knowledge and expertise with the most comprehensive building safety education sessions. Building Tours are available on Sunday, October 8 (sign up for these tours during the registration process). New Insight Sessions are available on Monday, October 9 and are included in full conference registration. Education sessions take place on Tuesday, October 10, with morning and afternoon sessions, also available as one-day event. Insight and education sessions will be on a first-come first-serve basis, be sure to arrive early to ensure a seat.


Your participation in ICC’s conference education sessions, building tours, and annual business meeting, could earn you the following CEUs to help maintain or move forward to your next certification:

  • Building Tours (Sunday, Oct. 8) – Earn up to 6 hours or 0.6 CEUs
  • Insight Sessions (Monday, Oct. 9) – Earn up to 3 hours or 0.3 CEUs
  • Conference Education Program (Tuesday, Oct. 10) – Earn up to 6 hours or 0.6 CEUs
  • Annual Business Meeting (Monday, Oct. 9) – 2 hours or 0.2 CEUs

Attendees can now earn CEUs at the Annual Business Meeting.

Building Tours

Sunday, October 8 | 0.3 or 0.6 CEUs each

Sunday, October 8 | 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Building Tour #1 – St. Louis Architectural Tour (Full Day)

Start the day with a driving overview of Downtown St. Louis where historical landmarks and building will be pointed out for your viewing. Next, head over to the Gateway Arch. Experience the tram ride 630 feet above the Mississippi River in what is the first steel arch structure of its kind. By joining the skills of multiple disciplines including architecture, steel structural engineering & design and concrete welding, the nation’s tallest monument is over 55 years old. Enjoy an overview of Union Station’s Grand Hall and a tour of the New Cathedral. The New Cathedral Basilica is Byzantine and Romanesque in design, where more than a dozen architects' and artisans' concepts and works have united to create the lofty vaults and radiant mosaics. Tour the mosaic museum and visit the gift shop to end the day.

Bus transportation and lunch included. (Bus departs at 9:00 am and $20 lunch voucher included for City Foundry.) Additional fee applies. This tour is limited to 50 people and is listed as an option when you register.

Sunday, October 8 | 9 am – Noon

Building Tour #2 – Veterans Community Project: A Tiny House Village (Half Day – AM)

The Veterans Community Project campus is still under construction. The 5-acre property in the heart of St. Louis will consist of 50 tiny homes, ranging from 240 - 320 square feet and the VCP Village Community Center. The project was designed to get homeless Veterans off the street and transition them to permanent housing. Tour a model tiny home and discuss how the code applies to the construction and development of tiny homes.

Bus transportation included – bus departs at 8:30 am. Comfortable, closed toe shoes and weather-appropriate clothing are a must. Additional fee applies. This tour is limited to 50 people and is listed as an option when you register.

Sunday, October 8 | 1 – 4 pm

Building Tour #3 – Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 Facility & Training Center (Half Day – PM)

Sheet Metal Workers Local 36 Union has been very involved in the Fire Life Safety Codes in the St. Louis area. These typically involve fire and smoke damper inspections, as well as stairwell pressurization systems.

Experience an onsite two-story mockup at their training facility which will showcase how fire dampers should be installed and what happens if they fail. The demonstration with smoke machines will illustrate how dampers can save lives by allowing people to egress safely, prevent fires from spreading and blocking smoke from other rooms. This demo will be followed by a classroom presentation on Fire & Smoke dampers. You will also tour the Sheet Metal Workers LEED Platinum facility and training center.

Bus transportation included – departs at 12:30 pm. Closed toe shoes required. Additional fee applies. This tour is limited to 50 people and is listed as an option when you register.

Insight Sessions

Monday, October 9 | 0.3 CEUs each

Insight Session 1

The Plumbing Industry Today

Explore the challenges, roadblocks, and opportunities that plumbing professionals face in today’s rapidly evolving built environment. Hear from experts that are involved in different aspects of the plumbing industry about what they’re facing and about best practices in safety, the codes, new technologies, and more.

Moderator: Matthew Winn, Senior Vice President of Training, International Code Council


  • Matt Sigler, Executive Director of PMG, International Code Council
  • Terry Smith, Owner, American Plumbing
  • James A. Richardson Jr., CPD, Plumbing Inspection Supervisor, City of Columbus, Building and Zoning Services
  • Ned Dickey, U.S. Product Compliance Manager, Hansgrohe
Insight Session 2

Building Code Enforcement: Global Best Practices

Code officials face common challenges in the enforcement of their building safety regulations, whether they are using the I-Codes, a customized version of the I-Codes, or a completely different set of regulations. Topics such as effective use of third parties for plan review or inspection, practitioner competency, and construction product/material compliance are universally discussed around the world. Solutions implemented in one jurisdiction may provide inspiration or a model for another. Join us for a discussion with code officials from the U.S., Canada, Oceania, Europe, and the MENA region to gain new insights and share your own experiences.

Moderator: Imad Eldurubi, Fellow CABE, C Build E, CPM, Founder & CEO IE Group Jordan


  • Geoff Mitchell, CDec. MBOINZ. FRICS. LFAIBS, Managing Director, GMA Certification Group, Chair of the ICC Global Membership Council
  • Hiroki Sunohara, Managing Director / Secretary General, Institute of International Harmonization for Building and Housing (IIBH), General Manager, International Department The Building Center of Japan
  • Martha (Marty) Gillis, CBO, NW Regional Manager, West Coast Code Consultants, Inc. (WC³)
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Hertle, Professor (Honorary) at Technische Universität München (TUM), Proprietor of Hertle Ingenieure
  • Peter Laurenson, President, Building Official Institute of New Zealand (BOINZ)
  • Dr. Ali Shash, Professor, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, General Manager, Green Court Company for Trades and Contracting, Advisory Committee Member, Saudi Building Code National Committee (SBCNC)
  • David Jackson, Founder/CEO, Code Advisory Group
  • Shirley Ellis, ICC Board of Directors, Building Official, City of Bastrop, Texas
  • Temur Bolotashvili, Tbilisi Municipality, Republic of Georgia
  • David Gibson, BA MSc DMS MRICS C.BuildE FCABE CEnv, Principal Consultant, DGA Consultancy LLP
Insight Session 3

Preparing for the 2024-2026 Code Development Cycle

Join the ICC Technical Services team and building safety professionals as they dive into the code development process that helps create the codes and standards that safeguard and strengthen our communities. Hear from experts as they give an overview of the process, discuss what’s changing in 2024-2026, learn how to get involved, and understand the importance of staying informed on code initiatives.

Moderator: Russ Manning, Senior Vice President of Technical Services, International Code Council


  • Allison Cook, Code Compliance Professional and Plans Examiner for the Arlington County Government, Past Chair, Emerging Leaders Membership Council
  • Andre Jaen, Building Permit Supervisor for Jefferson County, Building Membership Council Governing Committee
  • Eirene Knott, Director of Code Services, BRR Architecture
  • John Terry, Building Code and Life Safety Consultant, JNTerry Code Consulting LLC
  • Ed Wirtschoreck, Director of Codes Development, International Code Council
Insight Session 4

Recruiting the Next Generation and Succession Planning

As the building industry faces the widespread retirement of experienced professionals, opportunities are opening for the next generation of members and aspiring leaders to join the building safety profession. This session will focus on the innovative approaches that seasoned building safety professionals are taking to prepare for the future of the industry and help code enforcement departments recruit, inspire and retain the next generation of professionals.

Moderator: Dan Dockery, member of the International Code Council’s Building Membership Council, retired Chief Building Official at WS/FC Planning & Development Services


  • Scott Holm, Building Structure and Sciences Senior Consultant, BRAUN Intertec
  • Christopher McWhite, Building & Zoning Official for Smithfield, Rhode Island
Insight Session 5

ICC Fundamentals

Get ready for an interactive session that helps you to make the most of your ICC membership and learn the scope and breadth of opportunities for your professional advancement and for your organization’s growth.

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM: Members Forum – Do you have questions for ICC leadership? Join Board President Michael Wich and CEO Dominic Sims for a brief update about the Code Council’s year, ask your questions, and present your feedback.

12:30 – 1:30 PM: Panel Discussion on Digitization of Building Department Services.

  • Joan O’Neil, Chief Knowledge Officer, International Code Council
  • Dan Foster, General Manager, Community Development Solutions
  • Cristina LoVerde, Vice President of Sales, General Code
  • Daniel Janousek, Senior Product Manager, International Code Council
  • Ed Cilurso, Product Manager, International Code Council

1:30 – 2:30 PM: Small Group Discussions on:

  • Membership – Ron Piester, Vice President of Membership & Certification, International Code Council, and Tamika Dunning, Manager of Member Services, International Code Council
  • Credentialing – Autumn Saylor, Director, Assessment Center, International Code Council
  • Training – Karla Higgs, Vice President of Training Initiatives, International Code Council
  • Building Department Accreditation (IAS) – Mike Bouse, International Accreditation Services
  • Product Evaluation Reports (ICC-ES) – Shahin Moinian, President, ICC-ES
Insight Session 6

Quick Hits on Emerging Building Safety Topics

Building safety professionals are increasingly at the forefront of policy initiatives and technological advances. Enjoy cookies while engaging in short, quick-hit discussions on emerging issues, including the growing prevalence of lithium-ion batteries and associated safety considerations, tackling environmental risks facing aging infrastructure and, given a sharp uptick in prefabricated construction, best practices for modular construction programs. Discussions will also be held on rebutting legislative efforts to limit the voice of code professionals in building code updates along with successful effort to strengthen codes statewide. With billions in federal funding available from FEMA, DOE, and HUD to support the adoption and implementation of energy efficient and resilient building codes, this session will conclude with small group breakout sessions with agency representatives to discuss available resources and how best to access them.

11:30 AM: Meet your Government Relations and Energy, Resiliency & Innovation Center of Focus Teams – Introduction by Gabe Maser, Senior Vice President, Government Relations, International Code Council.

11:35 – 11:55 AM: Reinspection of Existing Building Program and the ICC Existing Building Guideline

  • Dottie Mazzarella, Vice President of Government Relations, International Code Council
  • Kevin McOsker, Vice President of Technical Services, Government Relations, International Code Council

11:55 – 12:15 PM: Developments in Offsite Construction and the Role of Codes and Standards

  • Ryan Colker, Vice President of Energy, Resilience, and Innovation Center of Focus, International Code Council

12:15 – 12:25 PM: Break

12:25 – 12:45 PM: Batteries and Energy Storage Systems

  • Karl Fippinger, Vice President of Fire and Disaster Mitigation, Government Relations, International Code Council

12:45 – 1:05 PM: Discussion on Legislative Opportunities and Challenges

  • Lesley Garland, Vice President of State and Local Relations, Government Relations, International Code Council
  • Tim Schmitz, Regional Director, Government Relations, International Code Council
  • Stephen Jones, Regional Director, Government Relations, International Code Council

1:05 – 1:20 PM: Addressing Extreme Heat in Codes and Standards

  • Lesley Garland, Vice President of State and Local Relations, Government Relations, International Code Council
  • Kevin McOsker, Vice President of Technical Services, Government Relations, International Code Council
  • Stephen Jones, Regional Director, Government Relations, International Code Council

1:20 – 1:30 PM: Break

1:30 – 2:30 PM: U.S. Federal Funding Forum – Introduction by Aaron Davis, Vice President, Federal Relations, Government Relations, International Code Council

Education at Conference

Tuesday, October 10  ▪  0.15 CEUs each

Track 8 – 9:30 am 9:45 – 11:15 am 1:30 – 3 pm 3:15 – 4:45 pm
Doug Thornburg
2024 IRC Significant Changes
Sandra Hyde
2024 IFC Significant Changes
Mark Wassom
2023 NEC
Tim Mikloiche
MANAGEMENT Application and Administration of the I‑Codes
John Gibson
How to be a Better Leader by Practicing Active Listening
Samhar Hoz
Professional Ethics
Matthew Winn
Active Shooter
Carrie Rios
INNOVATION & SPECIAL TOPICS Evaluation Reports: Purpose and Criteria
Michael Temesvary
Mass Timber and Type IV Construction in the IBC
Ed Lisinski
The Tiny House
John Gibson
Grant Basics for Code Officials
Stella Carr
ENERGY Batteries in the Built Environment
Michael O'Brian
Commercial Energy 2021 IECC
Jerica Stacey
2024 IECC Changes and Status
Kris Stenger
Third Parties and Residential Energy Code Compliance
Chris McTaggert, Jerica Stacey, Rich Truitt
SPECIAL ROLES Law & Ethics in Code Enforcement
Linda Pieczynski
Code Enforcement and IPMC
Cecilia Muela
Permit Tech: Trends, Issues and Importance of Roles
Michele Miller
Fire Safety in the IBC
Samhar Hoz
PLUMBING, MECHANICAL & FUEL GAS Increasing Sustainability and Community Resilience Through Water Reuse
Rich Anderson
Hydrogen Gas and the Built Environment
Mark Fasel, Nick Barilo
Medical Gas
Scott Winn
2024 PMG Significant Changes
Lisa Reiheld, Gary Gauthier

Also available, full class descriptions.