Upcoming Meeting

A teleconference call has been scheduled for August 19, 2019 for the Code Correlation Committee. The purpose for this telephone conference is for the CCC to initiate public comments, as needed, to provide for correlation of changes to be considered at the Public Comment Hearing. See meeting notice for more information.

Final changes to the Group A 2021 I-Codes now available

The final actions from the 2018 proposed changes to the International Codes for Group A, which are based on and include the PCH and OGCV vote tallies, are now available here.

The Code Change Agenda, Report of the Committee Action Hearing, and the Public Comment Agenda for the 2018 Group A Code Change cycle will be posted below.

Note that the on-line versions are PDF files that contain three new features:

  • Highlighting and commenting (using Adobe Reader)
  • Adobe search
  • Bookmarks

The files are also designed for quicker downloads.

Group A – Report of the Committee Action Hearing


Group A – Public Comment Agenda

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Public Comment AgendaPublished 08/31/18
Discussion GuidePublished 10/01/18
Updates to the 2018 Group A Discussion Guide and Public Comment Agenda UpdatesPublished 10/12/18

IntroductionPublished 08/31/18
IBC - Means of EgressPublished 08/31/18
IBC - Fire SafetyPublished 08/31/18
IBC - GeneralPublished 08/31/18
IBC - StructuralPublished 08/31/18
IFCPublished 08/31/18
IFGCPublished 08/31/18
IMCPublished 08/31/18
IRC - BuildingPublished 08/31/18
IRC - MechanicalPublished 08/31/18
IRC - PlumbingPublished 08/31/18
ISPSCPublished 08/31/18
IWUICPublished 08/31/18
IPCPublished 08/31/18
IPMCPublished 08/31/18
IPSDCPublished 08/31/18

Group A - Proposed Changes to the 2018 Editions

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The Proposed Changes for Group A were posted on the evening of February 28.  However, we are aware of some difficulties with downloading some of these files and are currently working to resolve these issues

Consolidated Monograph UpdatesPublished 03/29/18
Complete MonographPublished 03/01/18
IntroductionPublished 02/28/18
CCCPublished 02/28/18
IBC - Means of EgressPublished 02/28/18
IBC - Fire SafetyPublished 02/28/18
IBC - GeneralPublished 02/28/18
IBC - StructuralPublished 02/28/18
IFCPublished 02/28/18
IFGCPublished 02/28/18
IMCPublished 02/28/18
IPC/IPSDCPublished 02/28/18
IPMCPublished 02/28/18
IRC - BuildingPublished 03/01/18
IRC - MechanicalPublished 02/28/18
IRC - PlumbingPublished 02/28/18
ISPSCPublished 02/28/18
IWUICPublished 02/28/18