Code Action Committees (ALL)

In an effort to create additional opportunities for participation in the Code Council Code Development Process, for the 2012/2013 Cycle and going forward, the Code Council Board has established a full complement of four Code Action Committees (CAC) covering all 15 of the I-Codes. The scope of each of the CAC’s is noted below in Council Policy 31. Each CAC will participate in the process based on their respective scopes and the applicable codes listed in the code development schedule.

Links to the four CAC’s are below:

This main CAC webpage includes general information concerning all four CAC’s. For a discussion on CAC’s, see the “Expansion of Code Action Committees” and Council Policy 31 “Code Action Committees” which regulates CACs and includes the scope of activity of each CAC.

BCAC/FCAC Assumes CTC Areas of Study

At the July 2014 Board of Directors meeting, the Code Council Board came to the difficult decision to sun set the Code Technology Committee (CTC) and assign certain CTC Areas of Study to the applicable Code Action Committee. The notice is posted on the CTC webpage.

Committee Documents: