Did you know that automatic sprinklers are required in townhouses in 2009, and will be required in 1- and 2-family dwellings in 2011? Are you aware of the new regional R value requirements or storm shelter standards? Whether you’re a city planner, safety official or builder, there are hundreds of code changes you must know.

The 2009 I-Codes® editions compile all the info you need and incorporate the latest technologies and requirements. Plus, the 2009 editions are easier to use than ever. Order today and make a World of Difference in your community.

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From hydrants to high rises, code changes will affect every aspect of building construction. Don’t get caught off-guard – use the 2009 I-Codes® and improve the safety, performance and energy efficiency of all your building projects. Read some of the key changes in more detail.

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If you’re planning to buy a 2009 IBC® or IRC® edition, simplify your life by purchasing a Code Changes Resource Collection as well. These publications put all successful code changes made from the 2006 to the 2009 editions right at your fingertips – saving you time, energy and money.

Take a peek inside the 2009 IBC® or 2009 IRC® Code Changes Resource Collection.

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Series is back!

Your complete analysis of the key changes made between the 2006 and 2009 I-Codes!  Read more about Significant Changes to the 2009 IBC, IRC, IFC and IPC/IMC/IFGC publications and training opportunities.  Make an easy transition to the 2009 I-Codes!

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The 2009 IECC® is projected to increase your energy savings by 15% over the 2006 edition. With the economic stimulus package potentially including $3.4 billion in energy assistance grants for states, interest in energy efficiency is higher than ever. Order your 2009 IECC® copy today and be a leader in your community.