The International Codes (I-Codes)

The International Codes (I-Codes), developed by the International Code Council, are a family of fifteen coordinated, modern building safety codes that help ensure the design and construction of safe, sustainable, and affordable structures.

The I-Codes are the most widely used and adopted set of model codes in the world. All fifty U.S. states and many other countries have adopted the I-Codes.

The I-Codes ...

... are innovative and coordinated.
... cannot be influenced by vested financial interests.
... are efficient and effective.
... are developed through the efforts of public safety officials.
... are up to date and state of the art.
... are updated every three years.
... are economically viable and practical.

Download the International Code Council Periodic Table as a quick reference to all of the Code Council's codes, standards and guidelines.

The Code Development Process

The International Code Council develops construction and public safety codes through a governmental consensus process. This system of code development has provided the highest level of safety in the world for more than 90 years.

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The Standards Development Process

As is the case with its codes, the Code Council adheres to openness and transparency in our standards development process. All Code Council standards committee meetings are open to the public. Any interested party can participate in committee meetings and can be considered by the committee for membership on any work-group that the committee creates.

Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas and Swimming Pool (PMG) Codes

The Code Council has historically used the acronym PMG to refer to its model codes, standards, services and resources related to plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas. With the release of the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC) in 2012, it has expanded to include swimming pools and spa topics. Learn more about the Code Council's PMG expertise by clicking the button below.