ICC Performance Code Workshop

February 2 & 16, 2022


Over the two-month period from mid-October through mid-December 2021, a series of eight virtual ‘roundtable’ discussions was held to explore perceptions, challenges and opportunities around the use of performance-based codes and design methods.  Recordings of each roundtable discussion, along with a PDF summary of each session, and a PDF summary overview highlighting areas of overlap and differences between groups, is available on the project website ICC Performance Code Media Center.

While more than 80 people were able to participate in the roundtables, and the discussions were extremely valuable and informative, it was not possible to hold sessions with all interest groups, and there remain more issues to discuss.  To collect more insights, as well as to start outlining what an ‘ideal’ reimagined ICCPC might look like, we will be holding a workshop in early February.

The workshop will be held virtually over a 2-week period.  We kindly request that interested parties take this into consideration before registering for the event, as we would like all participants to be able to engage over this period.  The total time commitment is anticipated to be 2-days: the same as for a full, 2-day, in person workshop with break-out sessions. This virtual workshop is being structured as follows:

  • February 2, 1pm-5pm EST, introductory presentations and initial breakout sessions
  • February 3 – 11, breakout sessions as organized within breakout groups
  • February 16, 1pm-5pm EST, reporting back on breakout sessions and planning forward

Given that workshops function best when all participants are able to actively participate, and that this will be a virtual event, the number of participants will be limited, advance registration is required, and selection will be on a first-come first-served basis.

What to Expect

Each registered participant will be assigned to a breakout group. The groups will be purposely composed of a mix of disciplines and backgrounds to facilitate discussion between participants with different backgrounds and perspectives. A leader / chair for each group will be assigned.  Each group will be asked to select one or more persons to record notes and outcomes.  We will collect notes and outcomes, and ask a representative from each group to report outcomes during the workshop.

Depending on the final registration, it should be understood that not all interests may be represented in the workshop, or in each breakout group. It is also understood that some groups might not have expertise on all technical areas. However, this is OK, as the focus will be largely on ‘big picture’ needs, desires and concerns, and not on the specifics of any design area.

Participants should expect 2-3 breakout sessions on February 2 and time to report outcomes. It is then expected that breakout groups will work independently between February 3 and 11, addressing another 6-8 questions / topics, which will be reported out on February 16.

Given that we will not have a lot of time together, participants are asked to review in advance material posted on the ICCPC webpage, including the background for the roundtable discussions, the roundtable discussion recordings, and the roundtable discussion outcomes.  Questions / topics for the workshop breakout sessions will build from this background. It is anticipated that questions / topics for the breakout sessions will be provided to registered participants in advance of the workshop.

We expect the workshop to continue as the roundtable discussions have been, with open and respectful dialog, with the aims to identify concerns with the current ICCPC and how performance-based design is conducted and approved, and how an ‘ideal’ reimagined ICCPC and support infrastructure might address current concerns and result in a system that works better for all – from owner, to architect, to engineer, to approval authority and all others in the process.

Since it is unlikely that we can accommodate all who might be interested in participating in the workshop, the sessions on February 2 and 16 will be recorded and posted.  As such, by registering for the workshop, you are agreeing to be recorded and to having the recording publicly posted.

Workshop Resource Materials

Registrants should check back here frequently to access materials related to the workshop.

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