Second Public Comment Draft Now Available

The Second Public Comment Draft of the BSR/ICC 903/SRCC 500, Solar Tank Standard document was released 11/20/2023.  It contains the changes made to the First Public Comment Draft that are now subject to further comment through 1/15/2024.  Click here for the document, which contains the public comment submission form.

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Solar Thermal Standard Consensus Committee (IS-STSC)

Development and maintenance activities for ICC's family of solar thermal consensus standards is assigned to the Solar Thermal Standard Consensus Committee (IS-STSC).  The committee is convened as required for maintenance of existing standards and to develop new standards as needed.  It operates under ICC's ANSI-approved standard development procedures.

The IS-STSC is currently ACTIVE and was convened to develop a proposed new standard, BSR/ICC 903/SRCC 500 for solar hot water storage tanks.  ICC filed PINS with ANSI to develop the new standard in late 2020, and they appeared in Vol. 51, No. 52 edition of ANSI Standards Action on December 25, 2020. Appointments were made to the IS-STSC by the ICC Board of Directors in the Fall of 2021 and the first committee meeting was held in January, 2022.

Status of ICC/SRCC Solar Thermal Standards


BSR/ICC 903/SRCC 500 - 202X, Solar Hot Water Storage Tank Standard : Draft Available for Public Comment


ICC 901/SRCC 100 - 2020, Solar Thermal Collector Standard: Approved by ANSI December, 2020

ICC 900/SRCC 300- 2020, Solar Thermal System Standard: Approved by ANSI December, 2020

ICC 902/PHTA 902/SRCC 400 -2020, Solar Pool & Spa Heating Standard: Approved by ANSI December, 2020

IS-STSC Documents and Links

Documents and links related to current development activity of the standards, including meeting notices, minutes, agendas, and draft documents are provided below.

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IS-STSC Technical Committee Documents

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Public Proposals and Comments

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