Go the Extra Mile! Earn a Credential of Learning Achievement

A Credential of Learning Achievement (CLA) goes beyond traditional training in its measurement of comprehension on the subject matter. It validates the participants willingness to go the extra mile in training and career advancement. The CLA differs from Code Council certifications and education because there is the required components of training/education and assessment on a specific subject matter, it is a different method of obtaining a valuable ICC Credential based on training and testing.

NEW! Earn a Digital Badge

Digital badges are a graphical representation of your credential combined with a verifiable description of your knowledge, testing and commitment to professionalism and building safety.

Available CLA Programs

  • Disaster Response
    Participants learn specialized knowledge and techniques on how to become a properly trained second responder. Training will include hands-on instruction on assessing damage in the form of activities, case studies and interactive simulations that walk participants through the disaster scenarios; encourage discussion and describe how paperwork should be completed. Upon achievement of this CLA, you can be relied on by communities to assist with performing post-disaster building assessments and contribute to the safety of a community struck by a natural disaster.
    • Disaster Response CLA Requirements
      Step 1: Complete the ICC When Disaster Strikes training
      Step 2: Take and pass the ICC online proctored (PRONTO) Disaster Response Assessment
      Step 3: The ICC Disaster Response CLA is valid for three years - A minimum of 0.3 CEUs on the topic of disaster response will be required to renew the Disaster Response CLA
  • Firestopping
    Participants will gain an understanding of the importance of firestopping and its role in fire and smoke containment resulting in improved occupant and building safety. Related codes, standards, and testing requirements will be presented as well as plan review, inspection techniques, products, correct product applications, and tips and techniques. Upon completion, you will be equipped with a CLA credential that may be relied upon by building and safety departments, fire departments and by the construction industry to guide communities’ firestopping related plan review, inspection and administration.
    • Firestopping CLA Requirements
      Step 1:
      A. Verify proof of individual certification or passing a Firestop Industry Formal Examination
      B. Verify ICC Certification as a Commercial Building Inspector, Commercial Building Plan Examiner, Special Inspector, or Master Code Professional
      Step 2:
      A. If you have A in Step 1 - Complete Part 1 ICC Firestopping training consisting of four modules
      B. If you have B in Step 1 - Complete Parts 1 and 2 ICC Firestopping training consisting of eight modules
      Step 3: Take and pass ICC online proctored (PRONTO) Firestopping Assessment
      Step 4: The ICC Firestopping CLA is valid for 3 years - A minimum of 0.3 CEUs on the subject of firestopping will be required to renew the Firestopping CLA
  • COMING IN 2021! The Swimming Pools and Spas CLA
    More information to come.

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