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For Immediate Release:
Oct. 25, 2013
Contact: Steve Daggers
888-ICC-SAFE (888-422-7233)

Proposed Changes to ICC A117.1-2009®
Available for Review until Dec. 9

The first Public Review Draft of proposed changes to the ICC A117.1-2009 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities Standard is available for public comment until Dec. 9. While 325 changes were submitted, only proposals approved by the ICC A117.1 Standard Committee are included in the draft. The Public Review Draft is available online at

The ICC A117.1 Standard has improved access in the built environment since it was first developed more than 50 years ago. ICC is the leader in accessibility code compliance and guidance in the built environment, which is more important than ever with an aging population. ICC has been responsible for the Standard since 1987 at the request of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Many provisions in the 2010 ADA Standard are coordinated with the ICC A117.1 Standard. ICC A117.1 improvements over the years include clear requirements for dwelling units, restrooms, recreational facilities and signage.

The International Building Code (IBC) references the ICC A117.1 Standard and specifies the extent to which a building must be accessible. The Standard contains technical design requirements to ensure buildings are accessible. The IBC/ICC A117.1 combination is coordinated with federal regulations and applies to both new and existing buildings. ICC A117.1 is the basis of accessibility requirements at local and state levels, and a key foundation to federal regulations such as the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act.

The International Code Council is a member-focused association. It is dedicated to developing model codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance process to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures. Most U.S. communities and many global markets choose the International Codes.