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For Immediate Release: February 27, 2019
Contact: Whitney Doll | (202) 568-1798
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Los Alamos County Building Safety Division earns IAS accreditation
IAS accredited building departments have met national standards that demonstrate competence to provide public safety service for their communities

Brea, Calif. – The International Accreditation Service (IAS) awarded an accreditation to the Los Alamos County, New Mexico, Building Safety Division of the Community Development Department. This prestigious accreditation demonstrates that the Los Alamos Building Safety Division has met the national standard and is competent to provide public safety services.

Based on IAS Accreditation Criteria for Building Code Regulatory Agencies and Third-Party Service Providers (AC251), the accreditation involves an assessment of the department’s goals, policies and procedures, as well as permitting, inspections and plan reviews. The scope of accreditation for the Los Alamos County Building Safety Division applies to code enforcement of structural and life safety, energy, existing buildings, and swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs.

Photo credit to Los Alamos Daily Post.

“To achieve accreditation, the Los Alamos Building Safety Department underwent rigorous assessments to verify that it operates under the highest ethical, legal and technical standards while providing enhanced life safety and property protection,” said IAS President Raj Nathan. “This is a significant accomplishment as the department has demonstrated its commitment to public safety.”

“It is both a privilege and an honor to receive the first IAS Certificate of Accreditation in the State of New Mexico,” said Los Alamos Chief Building Official Michael Arellano. “This has also been a great learning experience for the department. Our staff has worked diligently to fine-tune the division’s policies and procedures, updating forms and getting our stakeholders involved in the process. We were able to identify the challenge areas in our processes and correct them with the help of the evaluation team.”

Arellano continued, “This process has not only given us credibility in our regulatory requirements within our community but also throughout the state. The process has had a positive and tremendous impact on our best practices and we have become a better department having gone through the evaluation.”




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