Week 1 Event:
Tiny Homes and Affordability

Tuesday, May 3
3–4 pm ET

Week 2 Event:
Career Paths for
Military Veterans & Spouses

Tuesday, May 10
2–3 pm ET

Week 3 Event:
FEMA's New Community
Resilience Programs

Tuesday, May 17
2–3 pm ET

Week 4 Event #1:
Backflow Basics:
Repair & Testing

Tuesday, May 24
2–3:30 pm ET

Week 4 Event #2:
Pool Owner
Safety 101

Wednesday, May 25
2–3 pm ET

Week 1 Event

Tiny Homes: How Thinking Small Might Help Solve Housing Affordability

Tuesday, May 3, 3 – 4 pm ET


  • Moderator: Ryan M. Colker, Vice President, Innovation, International Code Council
  • Kam Valgardson, General Manager, Irontown Homes
  • Chuck Osterday, Director of Modular Services, ICC NTA
  • Gary Fleisher, The Modcoach
  • Jessica Power, Fire Marshal, Petaluma, California

Summary: Housing is a fundamental need. Yet, for many, affordable, efficient, and safe housing can be out of reach. While resolving the housing crisis requires a multi-pronged approach, off-site construction—including tiny homes—have emerged as part of the solution. However, confusion abounds on what a tiny home is and how important factors like safety and sustainability differ (or don’t) from other single-family structures. This webinar will explore how new housing types like tiny homes are helping meet the need for affordable housing and what prospective homeowners and policymakers should look for to ensure they are safe and sustainable.

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Week 2 Event

Building Your Future: Career Paths for Military Veterans and Spouses

Tuesday, May 10, 2 – 3 PM ET


  • Moderator: Madi Dominescy, Director, Safety 2.0 Programs, International Code Council
  • Kris Bridges, serves on Code Council Board of Directors, Building Official and Code Administrator of City of Martinsville, VA, US Navy Veteran, served 10 years
  • Elizabeth Rider, Building Official, CSG Consultants, US Air Force Veteran
  • Amber Paxton, Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer, Township of Moon, PA, active in the Air National Guard for 19 years
  • Heather Wallace, Project Manager, Momentum Innovation Group, leading the development of a workforce development program to address industry labor shortage

Have you ever considered a career in the building industry? The outlook for construction and building safety jobs has never been better. Those in the building safety profession serve and protect their communities by ensuring safe buildings where people live, work and learn. Join this session to learn about the challenges, opportunities, and resources available for military veterans and their families considering a career in building safety.

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Week 3 Event

FEMA’s New Building Code Strategy and Hazard Mitigation Programs that Support Community Resilience

Tuesday, May 17, 2 – 3 PM ET


  • Moderator: Karl Fippinger, Vice President, Fire and Disaster Mitigation, International Code Council
  • Angela Gladwell, Director, Hazard Mitigation Assistance, Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Edward Laatsch, Director, Planning, Safety and Building Science Division, Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • John Ingargiola, Lead Physical Scientist, Building Science Branch, Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Jonathan Westcott, Civil Engineer, Building Science Branch, Federal Emergency Management Agency

Join us for a first look at the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Building Code Strategy! FEMA senior leaders who will share the agency’s vision, from strategy to implementation, on creating a more resilient nation through superior building performance. Participants will hear how the agency plans to integrate building codes and standards across FEMA and strengthen nationwide building code capability to reduce future damage and save lives. We will also share the latest information on hazard mitigation assistance programs that help communities reduce or eliminate long-term risk from future disasters.

Week 4 Event #1

Backflow Basics: Repair, Testing and Maintenance

Tuesday, May 24, 2 – 3:30 PM ET


  • Moderator: Rich Anderson, Director of PMG Resources, International Code Council
  • Mitch LeBas, President of Backflow Prevention Services
  • G. Edward Van Giesen, National Sales Manager RainCycle/WATTS WATER Technologies
  • Bruce Rathburn, Company Owner at American Backflow H2O
  • Joseph Montoya, Chief Building Official at City of Centennial
  • Otavio Paula-Santos, Coordinator Cross-Control Program: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Drinking Water Program
  • Bill Ciriello, Owner, Outside the ToolBox
  • Mark Winn, Director, Plumbing and Backflow Education
  • Jim Cika, Director PMG Technical Resources/International Code Council

Cross-connection control is a fundamental plumbing requirement that protects potable water from hazards that would adversely affect the quality of the potable water. Design professionals, plumbing contractors, homeowners, building owners, backflow testers and onsite maintenance personnel, all play a significant role in ensuring cross-connection control. This Round Table discussion and Q&A webinar will highlight repair, testing, maintenance and inspections methods and assemblies used to protect the potable water.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Choosing the proper cross-connection control: The differences between Backsiphonage and Backpressure, identify a high hazard and low hazard, and how understanding those differences to choose the proper method or assembly.
  • Inspection and testing of backflow prevention assemblies: Understanding the difference between the two. Knowing the dangers of a poorly maintained cross connection control.
  • Properly maintained assemblies: properly maintained assemblies are paramount in protecting the potable water supply. These assemblies have intricate parts that are specific to the assembly, to ensure proper function they must be maintained and repaired in accordance with the manufactures listing and labeling.
  • Open Question and Answer: we will open the discussion to the attendees addressing any questions they have for the panel of subject matter experts.

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Week 4 Event #2

Pool Owner Safety 101

Wednesday, May 25, 2 – 3 PM ET


  • Moderator: Jim Cika, Director, PMG Technical Resources with the International Code Council
  • Rich Anderson, CBO, Director, PMG Technical Resources with the International Code Council
  • Ken Gregory, Compliance and Safety Manager for Pentair with the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance

Pool ownership carries a lot of responsibility – with safety at the forefront. This webinar, co-sponsored by the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance and the International Code Council, is a must for new pool owners or those considering a swimming pool to ensure that your pool is both safe and enjoyable for many years to come.

In this webinar we'll examine:

  • Pool fencing or barriers: The differences between a safety barrier, and a physical barrier, and how understanding those differences can help keep your family safer.
  • Pool water quality: The importance of keeping pool water safe and sanitary, and knowing the dangers of a poorly maintained pool.
  • Properly maintained pool drains: Why you should have your pool drains examined to ensure they are VGBA compliant and in good repair, and how to engage a pool professional to assist you. We’ll provide you some questions to ask and why.
  • Proper use of pool covers: We’ll examine the difference between a safety cover and a solar cover, and the danger of not knowing the difference.

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