Local Leadership

Raising the Profile and increasing local support requires the code official to convey the importance of their work to their leadership. Regularly updating the local ‘powers that be’ using pictures, graphs and even specific examples of how you protected the public will help build credibility. Be an advocate for building safety. When too often too much weight is given to unwarranted complaints, it is a warning sign that you need to do more to educate those in your chain of command. The ideas and materials found here can help you.

Your local chapter may have individuals that can serve as mentors. Join the Building Officials Membership Council and volunteer to serve on the Raise the Profile Task Group. Your ICC Government Relations representative may be able to guide you to resources.

Your state ‘Association of Counties’ or ‘League of Cities and Towns’ may have opportunities to promote building safety codes in an environment where elected and appointed officials may be more approachable.

Talk to your local mayor, town council, or other government representatives about I-Codes with this presentation provided by ICC, available for download.

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