ICC MENA – Building Science Advisory Council (BSAC)

The MENA Building Science Advisory Council is a curated group of key representatives from multiple stakeholder groups in the MENA with a dedication to working collectively to address building safety challenges and bring awareness to new developments in the construction industry.

About the BSAC

When it comes to spreading the word about building safety from different aspects, working among a professional group creates a more significant impact, as each partner contributes from their perspective, thus adding value to the overall discussion. Safeguarding the public is maintained through the adoption and effective implementation of building codes, and ICC has always strived to team up with like-minded organizations to create the right platform for advocating the essence of building safety in the region.

The ICC-MENA BSAC is comprised of regionally based AHJs, consultants, manufacturers, designers, and other relevant stakeholders. The core mission is to discuss/address building safety challenges and new developments and trends in the construction/building safety space and present best practices in building safety industry from code compliance, TIC services, and training and personnel certification perspectives. The group also assists in communicating essential aspects related to modern construction practices such as 3D printing and modular construction, which falls in smoothly with the MENA vision of enhancing sustainability and innovation.

Through its family of solutions, ICC works closely with regulatory authorities and a wide range of interested parties to assess the market needs and provide applicable services accordingly. The advisory group channels ICC’s continuous efforts to increase the outreach by connecting more efficiently with the public and building safety community.


  • Support the ICC-MENA advocacy for use and acceptance of the I-Codes and family of solutions throughout the region – creating more visibility through sponsoring/endorsing workshops/seminars/dual branding/digitization.
  • Provide guidance/advice on areas of opportunities from market leaders’ perspective.
  • Assist in providing input about what experts are witnessing in the market with regards to compliance aspects.
  • Benchmark code compliance processes for the MENA region through endorsement/promotion of essential training/personnel certification programs.