ICC Solutions for the MENA Region

The ICC Family of Solutions ensures your building safety initiatives meet high standards. ICC specialists in building safety possess knowledge of local building regulations, and we are dedicated to collaborating with our clients to determine their specific requirements. Utilizing this information, we can tailor a solution that integrates the following services.

Product Certification (TIC)


Off-Site Construction


Professional Development

Codes & Standards

Product Certification/Technical Reports

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Evaluation Reports

Product Compliance is a major pillar in the regulatory framework. Evaluation reports verify that building products comply with code requirements.

Listing Reports

Building products/systems abiding to a specific standard or more prescriptive in nature requires proof of compliance through a listing report. An ICC-ES Evaluation Service Listing (ESL) allows manufacturers of building products covered by existing consensus standards to show their product compliance with applicable standards/national scheme referenced in the building codes and other applicable codes. Click each button to learn more about the relative scheme.

Evaluation Reports

Product Compliance is a major pillar in the regulatory framework, and its importance only intensifies when new or innovative building materials/systems are not covered or addressed in the building codes. One way to accommodate the compliance procedure is to update the code to incorporate such changes; however, since the I-Codes are on a three-year update cycle, this option can be impractical and resource-intensive. The alternative approval process offered by the Evaluation Service Reports (ESRs) is a highly credible and rigorous solution. An ICC-ES Report (ESR) is a document that presents the product, scope of evaluation, proof of compliance, installation, and condition of use from a performance perspective. ESRs verify that building products comply with code requirements, acceptance criteria used to evaluate a product, how the product should be identified, installed and much more.

ICC-ES has expanded its scope of services to include evaluation to the following codes in the MENA region:

  • United Arab Emirates (UAE): Dubai Building Code (DBC) set by Dubai Municipality and the Abu Dhabi International Building Code (ADIBC), set by the Abu-Dhabi Department of Municipality and Transport (AD-DMT).
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA): Saudi Building Code (SBC) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabi (KSA) set by the Saudi Building Code National Committee (SBCNC).

Visit ICC-ES’s ESRs online directory for more information on our evaluation scope.

Listing Reports

UAE Civil Defense Authority Certificate of Compliance (CoC) Program

ICC-ES with ICC NTA is an approved international certification body and testing laboratory recognized by the Civil Defense Authority (CD) of the United Arab Emirates to issue Certificates of Compliance (CoC) for tested and listed fire safety products. A list of the products subject to regulation by the UAE Civil Defense Authority are detailed in the UAE Fire Code, and the approved accreditation scope for ICC-ES and ICC NTA details those which can be tested and certified by our respective subsidiaries can be found online. Manufacturers and suppliers of these products now have the ability to seek product testing at the ICC NTA facility and product listing from ICC-ES and simultaneously have the products approved for the CoC program.

The UAE CD requires a CoC for all regulated products before they can be sold or used in the UAE. The CoC summarizes technical details such as product certification, test results, listing information, manufacturer data, etc., to help the UAE CD expedite the review of regulated products.

DM PCAS (Dubai Municipality Products Conformity Assessment Scheme)

ICC-ES and ICC NTA are included in Dubai Municipality’s Provisional List of Outsourced Conformity for conducting, upon client nomination and Dubai Municipality approval, sampling, testing, and/or factory surveillance audit under the Factory Assessment Scheme (Type 5) certification, as part of Dubai Municipality Product Certification Services.

For more information, please contact Dubai Central Laboratory, Products Conformity Assessment Section (PCAS) by email: certification@dm.gov.ae or through Dubai Municipality website: Product Certification

The link with the details of the scheme including the product category and accepted standards: Factory Assessment Scheme

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)

SABER is an advanced online platform that serves as a unified registry for manufacturers and distributors to register their facilities in the Kingdom. This comprehensive system has been designed to be inclusive, accommodating all products, irrespective of whether they are imported or locally manufactured.

With its streamlined processes and easy-to-use interface, SABER ensures a smooth transition for products entering the Saudi market. This system thereby promotes efficiency, regulatory compliance, and market accessibility, positioning businesses for success within the competitive Saudi marketplace.

Whether you're a local manufacturer looking to expand your reach or an international distributor aiming to access the Saudi market, SABER provides the necessary tools and guidance to navigate the process with ease and confidence.

ICC-ES is an approved conformity assessment body – granted notified body status by the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) – and can provide product certifications for several product categories under the Type 3 Scheme of the Saudi Product Safety Program (also referred to as SALEEM).

ICC-ES rigorously tests products per the SALEEM Product Safety Program for conformity assessment and can then issue a Certificate of Conformity.

Interested in having your product listed to any of the outlined schemes or evaluated as per the local requirements?



The International Accreditation Service (IAS), a subsidiary of the International Code Council, is available to satisfy local and regional accreditation requests in cooperation with official government accreditation agencies. IAS has accredited testing and calibration laboratories, building departments, special inspection agencies, product certification agencies and many other entities in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020, 17021-1, 17024, 17025, and 17065 standards, as well as to specific references in the building codes. Additionally, the team at IAS has the capability to develop customized programs to serve specific industry groups.

Off-Site Construction

In North America and other global locations, ICC provides manufacturing site inspection by certified inspectors, design review and evaluation for off-site/prefabricated construction pods, systems and components. With the MENA region experiencing a growing demand for this form of construction, ICC’s extensive experience and expertise in this field positions them to provide effective solutions that meet the needs of the market. ICC understands the unique challenges that arise in this type of construction and are well-equipped to provide tailored guidance and support to our clients.


Jurisdictions around the world have worked with ICC to develop custom codes and to develop and implement programs that enable them to effectively enforce building codes and standards. ICC technical staff also regularly provide technical support and clarification of the I-Codes text or code-related consulting services for code officials, design professionals and members of the construction industry. ICC engineering staff can also be contracted to perform third party plan review and structural design assessments for jurisdictions and design professionals.

Professional Development

The International Code Council is uniquely qualified to provide training – offered either in-person, online or through webinars – on various aspects of the International Codes. ICC Training offers dozens of customized training courses and can also develop custom curricula based on special requirements or customized codes.

In addition, ICC Credentialing offers examinations to professionals who wish to obtain licensing, professional certification or otherwise demonstrate their knowledge of a specific skilled trade or subject matter. Tests are available 24/7 online through the innovative PRONTO remote proctoring system. Specialized certifications can be developed in conjunction with licensing and oversight agencies.

Codes and Standards

2024 International Codes

View the latest versions of the International Codes.

ICC Periodic Table

Download the International Code Council Periodic Table as a quick reference to all of the Code Council's codes, standards and guidelines.

ICC develops a suite of model codes and building safety standards that can be customized, adopted and referenced by jurisdictions around the world. Several regional codes have been built upon the International Codes (I-Codes), including the Saudi Building Codes, Abu Dhabi International Building Codes, and Gulf Building Codes.

To learn more about the code development process or about licensing I-Code content to develop custom codes, please contact ICC MENA.

Digital Solutions

ICC offers enhanced digital tools to access our codes and standards and to participate in the code development process.


Hear from our stakeholders

“Our partnership with ICC-ES has added a lot of value and accreditation to the sustainable path we have started across the world, we will be working together on further reports to optimize the way of applying our sustainable technology in construction.”

Khalid Al-Qaqa, Managing Director, Unidome Deutschland GMBH

“The ICC has delivered very specific and detailed training to meet our needs in having a thorough understanding of the IBC. We look forward for continued support & partnership from ICC in the future.”

Faimeen Shah, Managing Director, Vortex Fire

“We are delighted to be working with ICC's certification services, which have significantly bolstered Siderise's market presence and credibility. In a competitive construction industry, trust is paramount, and ICC's rigorous certification process has not only validated our product quality and safety but also provided us with a trusted seal of approval. Their collaborative approach, expert guidance, and the market impact of their certification logo have boosted our reputation, sales, and business opportunities. We wholeheartedly recommend ICC's services to any organization seeking enhanced market impact and credibility.” 

Donel Dippi, Technical Manager MEIAP, Siderise Insulation Ltd.

“Working alongside ICC has been both insightful and productive. The dedication and expertise demonstrated by their team have consistently exceeded our expectations. The commitment to quality, innovation, and global standards is evident in every interaction."

Abdul Traboulsi, Area Manager, Engineering Contracting Co, LLC

“Our experience with ICC-ES and the relationship has gone beyond the traditional scope of product evaluation, accreditation, and certification. As they have extended their advisory in dealing with the local building code authorities (SBC) and effectively did a cost/time management of the evaluation process by utilizing the existing data they have for our building system. We are proud of our relationship and look forward to the continuity of receiving these outstanding services.”

Ahmed Mandora, Executive Director, Anan Group

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