ICC in the MENA Region

Through our operations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), we are dedicated to embodying the International Code Council’s vision and mission. Our primary focus is on enhancing value for our business partners and the building safety community. We achieve this by promoting our service lines and delivering tailored solutions that address local needs. Through our strategic partnerships we are able to serve our community better and strengthen our position as a trusted service provider.


The ICC established its first overseas regional office in Dubai in early 2020, demonstrating our commitment to expanding our building safety mission in the MENA region. ICC MENA offers direct access to the ICC family of solutions, providing on-the-ground support for building industry professionals interested in collaboration. Together, we aim to tackle challenges and achieve the ambitious objectives outlined for the region’s growth.

The mission of ICC MENA is to serve as a trusted partner and provider of building safety solutions to government entities and private sector stakeholders. This is achieved through enhancing awareness and comprehension of, and accessibility to, the ICC family of solutions – essential resources for designers, Authorities Having Jurisdictions (AHJs), manufacturers, consultants and all involved throughout the buildings and construction value chain. Through the MENA office, ICC is able to localize our solutions to meet the specific needs of each partner, user, or client, aligned with local and regional regulations and initiatives to ensure safe, affordable and sustainable buildings and communities.

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