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Paper-and-pencil Exams Retiring June 30th

All Paper-and-pencil examinations will retire on June 30th, 2018. Now that you have access to a much more convenient testing option through PRONTO, with expanded offerings coming soon, there will no longer be a need for Paper-and-Pencil exam administrations.


Updated Available Code Years

The following is the list of code years available for testing for the next few years.

CBT = Computer-based Testing; PRONTO = Proctored Remote Online Testing; P&P = Paper-and-pencil-based Testing

2018 – Starting July 1 and forward

  • CBT: 2012, 2015
  • PRONTO: 2015, 2018*

*Not all exams are available under PRONTO. Check the exam catalog for specific code year availability.

2019 and until further notice

  • CBT: 2012, 2015
  • PRONTO: 2015, 2018*

* Not all exams are available under PRONTO. Check the exam catalog for specific code year availability.


Now Available:
Print on Demand Wall Certificates
& Auto Combo Designations

We’ve got two great new features*
coming out on April 24 that will enhance your certification experience.
Print on Demand Wall Certificates

Starting April 24th, you are now able to print your own wall certificates on myICC for your ICC Certification.

Instead of waiting for the mail to get your wall certificate, ICC has added a Print-on-demand option for you to print your own certificate in your home or office. This comes at no additional cost to you.

*Because of special requirements, not all certificates/designations apply.

But wait, there’s more!

Automatic Combination Designations

Working towards an ICC Combination Designation? Starting April 24, you will be granted Automatic Combination Designations once you pass all exams and prerequisites so you don’t have to do the work.

Usually we require you to fill out and submit a form as soon as you know you’ve completed requirements for combination designations.

Our systems will be able to track your progress and detect your exam and prerequisite achievements so that you will be automatically granted the combination for which you qualify. From there, you will also have the ability to print the Wall Certificate for your combination.*

You are still responsible for renewing your Combination Designations. If you choose not to renew your designation, the designation status on your account will no longer be viewable. Stay on top of keeping your designations renewed!

*Because of special requirements, not all certificates/designations apply.

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Exam Review Sessions Going Away June 30th

Review sessions will not be available for examinations taken on or after July 1, 2018-–except for Florida DBPR and St. Louis County examinations.

Why is ICC doing away with review sessions? 

Since the launch of ICC’s Learning Center, training has greatly expanded for both Certification and Contractor programs. For example, the Learning Center’s robust Certification Test Academies led by code experts provide exam preparation and question-based review, allowing you to ultimately prepare for taking your targeted exam. In tandem with these in-person events, the Learning Center offers Online Learning opportunities such as study tools, practice quizzes, and guides to required exam references to help familiarize you with study materials and the general test-taking environment.

In addition, the Preferred Provider Network provides a myriad of in-person, online, and on demand training options that, when used in conjunction with the exam’s expanded content outlines (found in the Exam Catalog) can help a candidate prepare for their examination.

Through these training options, you’ll have the opportunity for true study programs to grow your knowledge of the concepts found on the exams.

On top of the Learning Center’s support through online learning and academy programs, the Assessment Center’s launch of PRONTO (Proctored Online Testing Option) allows you to take your exam online with a live proctor any time of the day and gives your results immediately upon exam completion. Instead of having to travel to one of the current testing sites, some of which have limited hours and may not be convenient for many test takers, you can take an exam at your convenience through PRONTO in the privacy of your home, office, or other secured location. With PRONTO available 24/7, you will have the flexibility and control over scheduling your exam.

Since PRONTO’s initial launch, ICC is planning to expand the program by offering additional exams through PRONTO in the near future.

When is the last day I can take a review session?

  • For Contractor/Trades exams, you can take a review session for an exam failed on or after April 1 up through July 30 (if eligible for review session).
  • For Certification and UST exams, you can take a review session for an exam failed on or after June 1 up through July 30 (if eligible for review session). 
  • Certification Candidates will also be able to take an exam up to 6 times in a 6-month period if needed to pass. For Contractor/Trades Candidates, rules on exam attempts may vary based on your exam. Please visit our Exam Catalog for more information.


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