New “chartered” Membership Councils along with a multi-disciplinary Codes and Standards Council will continue to broaden participation in ICC technical committees or councils.

ICC Call for Codes and Standards Committees, Membership Council Governing Committees, Codes & Standards Council


Volunteers are one of the most important assets of the International Code Council. The “Call for Committees” provides an opportunity to serve and demonstrate a commitment to safety.

Updated June 24, 2011: ICC is receiving applications for members for both of the IgCC Committees and the ISPSC Committee.

Updated May 25, 2011: At the May/2011 Board of Directors meeting, the Board approved changes to the code development processes for the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the International Residential Code (IRC), effective with the 2012/2013 Code Development Cycle.

Expansion of Code Action Committees


Code Action Committees will be discipline-specific bodies to act as a forum for complex technical issues ahead of the Code Development Process, identify emerging issues or draft proposed code changes of importance to ICC Members.