ICC’s Study Companions are the ideal way to master the code for everyday application or to prepare for exams. These comprehensive study guides provide practical learning assignments for independent study or instructor-led programs, college courses, or vocational training programs.

Each Study Companion is organized into study sessions that include:

  • learning objectives
  • key points for review
  • code text and commentary applicable to the specific topic
  • a helpful quiz at the end of each session

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2009 Green Residential Building Study Companion
The first self-study guide for the requirements of ICC 700-2008: National Green Building Standard™ and the referenced sections of the 2009 International Residential Code® and International Energy Conservation Code®.

  • 16 study sessions
  • 256 total questions
click to order!2009 Accessibility Study Companion
Discusses accessibility requirements of the 2009 International Building Code® and ICC/ANSI A117.1-2003: Guidelines for Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities.

  • 18 study sessions
  • 430 total questions
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2009 International Building Code® Study Companion
Addresses occupancy classification, types of construction, fire protection systems, fire-resistance-rated construction, means of egress, and more.

  • 18 study sessions
  • 630 total questions
click to order!2009 International Residential Code® Study Companion
Discusses building, mechanical, plumbing, fuel gas and electrical provisions. Particular emphasis is placed on the building planning requirements of Chapter 3 and the floor, wall, ceiling, and roof framing provisions.

  • 18 study sessions
  • 630 total questions
Click to order!2009 International Fire Code® Study Companion
Includes study sessions on general precautions against fire, fire service features, and fire protection systems. Other topics include flammable and combustible liquids, special occupancies, and hazardous materials.

  • 18 study sessions
  • 594 total questions
Click to order!2009 Permit Technician Study Companion
Covers many of the subjects of specific interest to the permit technician. It contains 2009 International Building Code® information on administration, occupancy groups and types of construction as well as zoning and sign requirements of the 2009 International Zoning Code®. The Companion also references ICC’s Basic Code Enforcement as well as legal information found in Legal Aspects of Code Administration.

  • 14 study sessions
  • 350 total questions

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2009 International Plumbing Code® Study Companion
The Study Companion discusses numerous topics found in the 2009 IPC®, including general regulations, fixtures, water supply and distribution, sanitary drainage and vents.

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2009 International Mechanical Code® Study Companion
General topics found in the 2009 IMC®, including equipment and appliance installation, exhaust and duct systems, chimneys and vents, specific appliances, and refrigeration are covered.
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2009 International Energy Conservation® Code Study Companion

A comprehensive study guide to help you better understand the 2009 IECC®. It covers select topics of the code and includes code text, commentary and illustrations representing the provisions under discussion.

  • 20 study questions
  • 200 total questions

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