Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas and Swimming Pools Codes

Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas and Swimming Pool Codes (PMG)

The acronym PMG refers to model codes, standards, services and resources related to plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas and swimming pools.

The Code Council’s model PMG codes include the International Plumbing Code, International Mechanical Code, International Fuel Gas Code and the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code. These individual members of the Code Council’s family of coordinated codes are used by communities nationwide to protect health, safety and welfare within buildings. Communities chose Code Council’s PMG codes because they know we offer a superior family of codes, developed through a fair and transparent consensus process.

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International Plumbing Code Book Cover

International Mechanical Code Book Cover

International Fuel Gas Code Book Cover

International Swimming Pool & Spa Code Book Cover

Current Versions: 2018 PMG Codes
  • The 2018 Plumbing and HVAC Code Collection.
  • The Significant Changes to the IPC, IMC and IFGC, 2018 Version.
  • The 2018 ISPSC
Upcoming Version: 2021 PMG Code Development