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The International Code Council encourages code professionals, building departments, teachers and community members to host in-person and virtual learning events for Building Safety Month. These events are an effective way to help raise the profile of building safety professionals and the work they do in our communities, and highlight how building codes help keep us all safe.

While no two events look the same, here you'll find resources for in-person events and webinars that cover all the basics so you can focus on what matters most – connecting with your audience and attendees.

In-Person Events

There are no substitutes for an in-person event – audiences are often more engaged and hosts can offer a truly unique experience to attendees. For Building Safety Month, in-person events can range from educational events or construction site walkthroughs, to mock inspections or classroom presentations at a local school.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning and executing your in-person events for Building Safety Month.

  • Schedule panelists or speakers as soon as you have a rough outline for the event.
  • Choose a venue or location that can meet your attendance goals.
  • Promote your event four to six weeks in advance through social media, email invitations, advertisements, etc.
  • Consider including a virtual component so people can also attend from home.
  • Run through your agenda beforehand with all parties and note timing or any sticking points.
  • Observe state and local guidelines for safety best practices and restrictions.
  • At least one week before, "walk through" the event as if you are an attendee – from the moment they arrive to when they leave – to make sure you haven't missed anything.

Tips for Hosting an In‑Person
Building Safety Month Event

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Virtual Events

Virtual events are more cost-effective, easy to set up and can be attended from the comfort of home.

We've listed a few tips for hosting a virtual Building Safety Month event below, and be sure to download our complete webinar guide for more information.

  • Leverage subject matter experts as you brainstorm topics and develop content.
  • Choose a platform and set up a registration page (WebEx, Click Meeting, Zoom, etc.) that includes speaker information, the agenda, etc.
  • Start promoting four to six weeks in advance and use social media, email invitations and your website to share your registration page link.
  • Organize and test prior to the event, including testing internet reliability, sound, mics and computer issues.
  • Follow up with attendees after the event to provide next steps and ask for feedback.

Tips for Hosting a Building Safety Month Webinar
Download pdf

Tips for Hosting a Building Safety Month Webinar
Download pdf