The code change proposal monograph for the 2009/2010 Code Change cycle is posted below. CDs will be mailed for on or about October 3, 2009.

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2009/2010 Proposed Code Change Monograph

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I-ADMIN - ICC Administrative Code Committee Published 02/26/15 2309 KB
IBC-E - International Building Code Means of Egress Published 02/26/15 2051 KB
IBC-FS - International Building Code Fire Safety Published 02/26/15 1928 KB
IBC-G - International Building Code General Published 02/26/15 4914 KB
IBC-G - International Building Code General: G38-09-10 Published 02/26/15 35 KB
IBC-S - International Building Code Structural Published 02/26/15 8573 KB
IEBC - International Existing Building Code Published 02/26/15 2042 KB
IFC - International Fire Code Published 02/26/15 2203 KB
IFGC - International Fuel Gas Code Published 02/26/15 456 KB
IMC - International Mechanical Code Published 02/26/15 912 KB
IPC - International Plumbing Code Published 02/26/15 1088 KB
IPMC - International Property Maintenance Code Published 02/26/15 395 KB
IRC-BE - International Residential Code Building/Energy Published 02/26/15 4203 KB
IRC-PM - International Residential Code Plumbing/Mechanical Published 02/26/15 468 KB
IWUIC - International Wildland-Urban Code Published 02/26/15 333 KB
IZC - International Zoning Code Published 02/26/15 311 KB
IECC - International Energy Conservation Code Published 02/26/15 4540 KB
Complete Monograph Published 02/26/15 31725 KB

Code Correlation Committee Actions pdficon

This document is a compilation of editorial changes made to the 2009 I-Codes that will appear in the 2012 I-Codes. Most of these editorial changes are code change proposals received that were deemed editorial, and therefore not required to be considered by the applicable code change committee during the 2009-2010 Code Change Cycle. These are shown with the original proponent’s name. Additionally, the Code Correlation Committee identified needed editorial revisions to some code provisions. In those cases, the Code Correlation Committee is listed as the proponent.

Errata to Monograph pdficon

The following is errata to the 2009-2010 Code Change Monograph. This errata is not incorporated into the document, but contains several additional code change proposals that were discussed as not having been processed after the monograph was posted on August 26, 2009.

New Standards Proposed In 2009/2010 Code Change Cycle Listed By Standards Organization

The following analyses by ICC staff represent the opinions of ICC staff regarding compliance or non-compliance of standards proposed to be referenced in the ICC Codes by code change proposals submitted for the 2009/2010 cycle.