International Building Code 2009, New Jersey Edition

International Residential Code 2009, New Jersey Edition

2009 International Mechanical Code®

2009 International Fuel Gas Code®

2009 International Energy Conservation Code®

2009 International Energy Conservation Code and ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2007 Energy Standard For Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings


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Must-Have References and Resources to help you apply the code

Code and Commentary together!
2009 International Code and Commentaries

2009 IBC® Code and Commentary, Volumes 1 and 2

2009 IRC® Code and Commentary, Volumes 1 and 2

2009 IMC® Code and Commentary

2009 IFGC® Code and Commentary

2009 IECC® Code and Commentary


Building Code Basics, based on the 2009 I-Codes®

A new series that breaks down the code in an easy-to read format using noncode language. Technically accurate and easy to understand, these are the perfect resources for architects, plan reviewers, inspectors, permit technicians, and contractors. Key features include:

  • 150+ full-color illustrations.
  • Real-world applications.
  • A glossary of code and construction terms.

4081S09 4181S09

Building Code Basics: Building, Based on the 2009 IBC®

Building Code Basics: Residential, Based on the 2009 IRC®



Significant Changes To the 2009 International Codes
Understanding changes is never more simple with this popular series!

7024S09_web 7101S09_web 7202S09_web

Significant Changes To The International Building Code®, 2009 Edition

Significant Changes To The International Residential Code®, 2009 Edition

Significant Changes To The International Plumbing Code®/International Mechanical Code®/International Fuel Gas Code®, 2009 Edition



Handy Pocket Guides!
2009 I-Codes Inspector's Guides

Residential Inspector's Guide: Building And Energy, Based on the 2009 IRC® Chapters 1–11

New to the series!
Residential Inspector's Guide: Plumbing, Mechanical and Fuel Gas, Based on the 2009 IRC® Chapters 12–33

Buy Both Residential Inspector's Guides and Save!

Energy Inspector's Guide: Based On The 2009 Energy Conservation Code and ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1-2007



Code Changes Resource Collection Series: Approved Code Changes Resulting In The 2009 I-Codes®

Now you can reference all published information for successful code changes including submitted changes, committee actions and modifications, assembly actions, successful public comments, and final actions!Available exclusively online as PDF downloads.



2009 IBC® Handbooks
Detailed code discussion direct from the publisher!

4000S09 4001S09

2009 IBC® Handbook: Fire- and Life-Safety Provisions

2009 IBC® Handbook: Structural Provisions

2009 IBC® Handbook Combo



10-02815_2009 PA Codes_eBlast_StdyComp

2009 I-Codes® Study Companion Series


The ideal way to master the code for everyday application or prepare for exams! Each comprehensive study guide provides:

  • Practical learning assignments for independent study or group training.
  • Key points for review.
  • Code text and commentary.
  • Helpful quizzes.
  • An answer key listing the code section referenced in each question.

2009 I-Codes® Flash Cards

Flash Cards provide code users, students, and exam candidates with an effective, time-tested study method.

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  • Prepared and reviewed by code experts to ensure accuracy.
  • Designed to help students at all levels.

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