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Virtual Classroom

Join a live training event from any location with an internet connection. When you join a virtual classroom, you can actually see your instructor. This is a hybrid learning environment where you participate remotely but experience the same collaboration, instructor interaction and learning benefits as if you were physically in the classroom.


Code Official Institute | August 9–12

2018 Residential Plumbing Inspector - P1 Certification Test Academy | August 10–12

When Disaster Strikes | August 17–18

2021 IBC Significant Changes | August 18

2018 IBC Essentials | August 19

2018 Fire & Life Safety Institute | August 24–26

Customer Service and Code Enforcement | August 25

2021 IRC Significant Changes | August 31


2018 Permit Technician Institute | September 1–2

2021 IFC Significant Changes | September 2

Report Writing for the Code Official | September 3

Officer Safety Procedures: HazMat, Hoarding & Joint Enforcement Safety | September 9

2018 Residential Building Inspection Institute | September 13–17

Millennials in Code Enforcement | September 30


2018 Residential Building Inspector - B1 Certification Test Academy | October 4–8

Complaint Management from Start to Finish | October 6

2018 IBC Special Topics Day 1 | October 13

2018 IBC Special Topics Day 2 | October 14

2018 Permit Technician - 14 Certification Test Academy | October 19–21

Legal Aspects of Code Administration | October 27


The International Code Council offers live webinars led by industry professionals on specialized topics. The webinar series are becoming a very popular alternative to full day trainings that break up larger topic areas into condensed 1 to 1 1/2 hour training over multiple sessions. Take one or take them all!

Challenging Discussions | August 6

Fire Safety within the International Building Code (IBC) - From Design to Reality - Overview | August 12

2021 Residential Building Inspector Webinar Series:

Administration and Adoption | September 1
Building Planning, Part I | September 8
Building Planning, Part II | September 15
Chapters 4–10, Part I | September 22
Chapters 4–10, Part II | September 29
Existing Buildings | October 6

2021 Commercial Building Inspector Webinar Series:

Building Planning | September 2
Footings and Foundations | September 9
Wall Construction | September 16
Public Safety and Special Construction, Part I | September 23
Public Safety and Special Construction, Part II | September 30


Fire Inspector I Career Path

This webinar series will provide an overview of the basic principles and concepts of the International Fire Code (IFC). Participants will be better able to understand and apply concepts required to conduct assigned inspections for compliance with Codes and Standards adopted by their jurisdiction.

Time: All webinars being at 12:00 PM CT

Price (each webinar): $49 (member) $59 (non-member)

CEUs (each webinar): 0.15

2015 Fire Inspector Webinar Series:
2018 Fire Inspector Webinar Series:

Commercial Building Inspector Webinar Series

This webinar series will provide an overview of the basic concepts of the International Building Code (IBC). Each webinar will cover fundamental provisions and general topics of the IBC as well as discuss how the code relates to the design, construction and inspection of commercial buildings.

Time: All webinars being at 12:00 PM CT

Price (each webinar): $49 (member) $59 (non-member)

CEUs (each webinar): 0.15

2015 Commercial Building Inspector Webinar Series:
2018 Commercial Building Inspector Webinar Series:

Career Paths


The International Code Council is excited to take you on the journey to a career that focuses on building safety. We will be your guides helping you to achieve the knowledge and professionalism that is needed to succeed!

Building Plans Examiner
Fire Inspector I 
Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector
Residential Building Inspector
Residential Mechanical Inspector
Residential Plumbing Inspector

Permit Tech Webinar Series

This webinar series will provide an overview of general topics that pertain to the Permit Technician position. Each webinar will build an understanding of the intent and application of the code, discuss how to apply the code to specific situations as well as discuss best practices.

Time: All webinars being at 12:00 PM CT

Price (each webinar): $49 (member) $59 (non-member)

CEUs (each webinar): 0.15 (except where noted)

Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector Career Path

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Follow Your Path to a Career as a Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector 

The Learning Center at ICC will be your training guide through the career path to becoming a certified Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector. Drive straight through, take the scenic route, or make stops along the way. Enjoy your journey!

Test Preparation:

2015 Property Maintenance & Housing Special Inspector - 64 Study Guide | Available Online 24/7

2018 Property Maintenance & Housing Special Inspector - 64 Study Guide | Available Online 24/7

2015 IRC FlashCards (Study Aids) | Available for purchase in the ICC Store

2018 IRC FlashCards (Study Aids) | Available for purchase in the ICC Store

2015 International Residential Code Study Companion | Available for purchase in the ICC Store

2018 International Residential Code Study Companion | Available for purchase in the ICC Store 

2015 Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector - 64 Certification Test Academy 

Additional Recommended Training:

Getting the Most of the IPMC

Certification Test Academies

Certification Test Academies

Certificaiton Test Academy Graphic

Comprehensive Exam Review

  • Do you have industry experience?
  • Are you familiar with the I-Codes®?
  • Are you ready for the next step?

Certification Test Academies are advanced, interactive and question-based review. It's the final step in preparing for the certification exam. Presented by leading experts in the field over multi-day sessions.

Certification Test Academies: The academies are offered as in-person training or many are now being offered as virtual training. Click below to see the training format options.

Additional Exam Study Resources:

Study Guides

Study Guides

The certification exam study guides are the essential tool to help you prepare for a certification exam. The online tool offers a series of practice quizzes, a comprehensive timed exam, and an expanded list of relevant code sections to help guide students.

Study Guides are best suited for participants who:

  • Have some knowledge of model codes and their application
  • Know basic construction terminology, techniques, methods and materials
  • Know how to read basic construction documents
  • Have some experience in code enforcement

Available Study Guides
Study guides are available in code years:
(Please note, the ICC 2009 and 2012 certification exams are no longer available)

Pool & Spa Code Training

The Learning Center at the International Code Council in partnership with the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) is pleased to present a webinar series on the key information in the 2018 International Swimming Pool & Spa Code (ISPSC®). Join us for one or join us for all! Each webinar begins promptly at Noon (CT).

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Educode 2020 Handouts


Legend: * Handout will be given in class.

March 9
March 10
March 11
March 12
March 13
2018 IBC Essentials* 2018 IBC Significant Changes* 2018 IRC Essentials* 2018 IRC Significant Changes* 2018 IBC Mixed Occupancies
Type A and B Units in Multi-Family Dwellings
2018 IBC Means of Egress* 2018 IRC Building Safety Features 2018 IBC Significant Structural Changes Introduction to the 2021 IBC, IRC and IFC 2018 IRC & IBC Safety Glazing Provisions
Structural Loads & Load Paths Application and Administration of the I-Codes* 2018 ISPSC Design, Installation & Inspection Principles*
2017 NEC Changes for Combination Inspectors* How to Use the NEC for Combination Inspectors* What's New in the 2020 NEC* Electrical Inspections for Combination Inspectors* PV & Energy Storage*
2018 IFC Performing Commercial Fire Inspections* 2018 IFC Essentials* 2018 IFC Significant Changes* 2018 IFC & IBC Hazardous Materials* 2018 IBC & IFC Fire Protection Systems
Residential Accessibility Commercial Accessibility IEBC Overview Fire Resistant Rated Construction Marijuana & the Building Code
IRC Chapter 3 Overview IRC Plan Review IRC Residential Inspections IBC Plan Review Commercial Inspections
Installation of Sprinkler Systems Sprinkler Plan Review Residential Sprinkler Systems Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations
2018 UMC/IMC Code Changes 2018 UPC/IPC Code Changes 2018 UMC/IMC Workshop Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Facilities Preventing Gas Installation Disasters and Inspecting After a Disaster
2018 UPC/IPC Workshop 2018 UMC Consideration for Clean Room Environments
Leadership IMPACT - Communications Leadership IMPACT - Team Member Engagement Leadership IMPACT - Self-Mastery Leadership SUCCESS - Decision Making & Ethics Leadership TRANSFORMATION - Innovation & Change
Leadership IMPACT - Coaching Leadership SUCCESS - Personal Power & Relationships PM Session 65 Leadership TRANSFORMATION - Success Skills for Leaders
2018 IRC Accessory Structures, Decks, Carports and Patio Covers Multi-Family Construction (CCC) Design of Wood Shear Walls & Diaphragms Special Inspections & Testing 2018 IBC Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Inspectors & Fabrications
Mass Timber Structural Design/Mixed-Use Building Analysis* Basic to Grading & Understanding the Geotechnical Requirements
Combustible Decorative Features & Unique Themed Environments Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood & Today's Building Code* Unusual Structures Design of PT Building Structures Simplified Structural Plan Review
RCSC/ACSI Structural Bolting* Design of PT Slabs-on-Ground Foundations*
Games People Play - Code Enforcement & Game Theory* 10 Steps to a Graffiti Free City Part 2* Animal Care & Control - Code Enforcement Team Tactics* Mental Illness & the Code Official* Housing Inspection 101 w/Virtual Walk-Thru*
10 Steps to a Graffiti Free City Part 1* Transitioning from Law Enforcement to Code Enforcement* Zoning 101* VRBO's & Air BnB's* Identifying & Understanding the Hoarding Disorder*
Fire & Life Safety Principles Exterior Walls & Openings A117.1-2017 Significant Changes* Firestopping - Plan Review & Inspection 2018 IBC Wood Framed Shear Walls
2018 Types of Construction Classification and Application Use of Fire & Smoke Separations Principles of Building Materials
Inspector Skills* The Complete Permit Technician Vertical Building Components in Multi-Story Structures* Tall Mass Timber Buildings
Fire Resistance, Opening & the Five Walls*
So You Want to be a Building Official* Legal Aspects of Code Administration* Building Science Meets Energy Codes* 2018 IECC Residential Real World Applications* 2018 IECC Commercial Real World Applications & ASHRAE 90.1
Commercial Building Inspector Test Academy* 2018 IPMC Overview* Report Writing for Code Officials*

Legend: * Handout will be given in class.