The International Code Council Family of Solutions

As the largest international association of building safety professionals, the Code Council offers solutions dedicated to providing businesses and municipalities with the tools needed to build safe, affordable and sustainable communities and buildings worldwide.

We have decades of knowledge that leads our thinking when developing codes, testing products, issuing certifications and developing technological solutions.

Codes & Standards

The Code Council connects building safety professionals from around the world to discuss building codes and standards. We work with you to understand and adopt modern codes and standards seamlessly, from technical support services to plan reviews and code opinions.

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Product Testing & Evaluation

The Code Council offers product testing and evaluation solutions that ensure all building elements meet the highest standards and comply with code specifications. We've developed and built our evaluation and testing solutions to ensure manufacturers get safe and compliant products to market faster.

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Our solutions are recognized globally - ensuring safe, reliable products and services for several international standards. As an independent party, we verify that all product testing and evaluation meets the highest level of established quality, ethical, legal and technical standards.

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Software & Technology

From code officials and municipalities to architects and engineers, our technology solutions allow users to streamline processes and track and research information seamlessly. Let us help you adopt innovative technologies that simplify how you interact with codes and standards.

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Professional Development

We provide professional development and certification opportunities for individuals new to the profession or experienced building safety professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and advance their careers. Our training certifications and development programs are widely recognized by state agencies, building departments and third-party entities.

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Our team of experts provide project-based consulting to develop custom codes and make implementing modern building codes and standards seamless and straightforward. We provide professional development, training opportunities and seminars to ensure your government organization and municipality clearly understand codes and standards.

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The International Code Council family of solutions includes

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