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This page offers access to data gathered through surveys, roundtable discussions, and other stakeholder communication conducted by the International Code Council in pursuit of knowledge of stakeholder needs and opinions. It will also provide resources about the current use of performance based building regulation around the world, including scholarly works and case studies. The page will continue to be populated as information is gleaned throughout the process and new information becomes available.

Survey Results: Perceptions of PB Building Codes and PB Design

In July, we launched a comprehensive and somewhat technical survey to enable us to understand the varied perspectives about performance-based building codes and performance-based design. Many thanks to everyone who provided thoughtful input through this survey tool.

We received over 100 complete responses, primarily from U.S.-based professionals, and have compiled some preliminary results for general consumption. We recommend beginning with the Summary Results document, which provides a good high-level overview of the results. More granular detail can be found in the Full Results document for those seeking to dig a bit deeper into each question. The Free Responses document offers a compilation of all of the comments provided by respondents at the end of the survey and offers some excellent insight.

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