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Promoting Building Safety Worldwide

As the global economy increases its influence on our daily lives, expanding our global reach has emerged as a renewed priority. The Code Council is active in more than 55 countries.

2018 International Highlights


Jamaica FlagThe Training Needs Assessment study, a World Bank initiative, produced recommendations for a strategic training plan aimed at developing an effective regulatory system for building compliance. The plan includes the Code Council’s continued support of the code implementation process through publication of the Jamaica Building Code and additional training and support services.


Bangladesh FlagThe Code Council and S. K. Ghosh signed a World Bank funded contract with the Bangladesh Capital Development Authority allowing the Code Council to evaluate the current building code implementation and enforcement infrastructure in Dhaka, and recommend specific changes to improve building safety.


Mexico FlagThe Mexican accreditation agency, La Entidad Mexicana de Acreditacion, A.C. (EMA), has expanded the scope of accreditation for ICC Evaluation Service. The expanded scope includes evaluation of plumbing supply fittings in accordance with the Mexican standard on valves and water taps.


Columbia FlagAt the invitation of ASCE Colombia Section, S. K. Ghosh presented in Bogota and Cartagena to members of the Association of Seismic Engineering (AIS) and Permanent Advisory Commission of the Regime of Earthquake Resistant Constructions (CAPRCSR).


Canada FlagThe Standards Council of Canada (SCC) greatly expanded the scope of accreditation for ICC Evaluation Service. Accredited to evaluate 51 different categories of products in Canada, ICCES can evaluate products to the provisions of standards referenced by the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC).

World Bank Resilience Partnership

In partnership with the World Bank, The Code Council provides leadership and expertise on numerous international initiatives including the Building Regulation for Resilience Program. The program seeks to develop and promote a new stream of activities to increase regulatory capacity and in turn promote a healthier and safer built environment. By leveraging good practice in building regulation as part of a strategy to reduce both chronic risk and disaster risk, it will set developing countries on the path to effective reform and long-term resilience.

Global Connections Day 2018

Global Connections Day 2018Themed ‘Innovation in the World of Building Safety,’ the event drew 200 attendees from more than a dozen countries, including Australia, Canada, the Republic of Georgia, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The keynote address was given by Teresa Cendrowska, ASTM International Vice President for Global Cooperation.

U.S. & International Adoptions

U.S. Adoptions

  • 304 local jurisdictions
  • 37 state jurisdictions
  • 39 first time adoptions

International Adoptions


Jamaica FlagThe Code Council worked with the Bureau of Standards Jamaica to produce customized building codes for Jamaica based on ten of the I-Codes.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia FlagThe Saudi Building Code National Committee adopted the 2018 Saudi Building Code, based on the I-Codes. The Code Council continues to work with Saudi Arabia to develop and improve the tools needed for successful implementation.


Caribbean FlagThe CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality developed and published a regional energy code based on the International Energy Conservation Code.


Ghana FlagThe government of Ghana launched an I-Codes based Ghana Building Code which, for the first time, provides the construction industry in Ghana with the essential requirements for structural, fire and overall building safety.

Global Activity Map

Building Safety Month

Building Safety LogoBuilding Safety Month is an international campaign that culminates in May to raise awareness about building safety. The Code Council, its 64,000 members, and a diverse partnership of professionals from the building construction, design and safety community come together with corporations, government agencies, professional associations and nonprofits to promote building safety because we understand the need for safe and sustainable structures where we live, work and play.

“Whenever NAHB has the chance to highlight the importance of safety on the jobsite, we take that opportunity. Building Safety Month is an important way to put a spotlight on this effort.”

Jerry Howard, CEO, National Association of Home Builders

“Building Safety Month is time for our members to focus on the opportunities to train their teams, perform safety inspections and work within their communities to raise awareness of the importance of nationally recognized codes and standards—and how they are applied locally.”

Robert M. Brierley, Fellow, Immediate Former Chair and Chief Executive Officer, BOMA International

“LIUNA is proud to support Building Safety Month because nothing is more important to the men and women who build the U.S. and Canada than completing projects safely and to the highest possible standards.”

Terry O’Sullivan, General President, Laborers’ International Union of North Americas


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