The Council is supported by over 375 Chapters spread throughout the country and around the world. Chapters are designated as Regional, State, Local, Professional, Student or Global depending on the geographical area they serve and the nature of their membership. Every ICC Chapter is different. Many Chapters focus on a particular discipline such as Building, Fire, Mechanical or Plumbing. Learn more about chapters, chapter responsibilities or how to become a chapter by reading the Council Policy.

Save the Date!
2018 Chapter Leadership Academy

On June 4-6, 2018, the Code Council will host its third annual Chapter Leadership Academy at the Hyatt Regency Tech Center in Denver, CO.  This exclusive event for ICC Chapter leaders focuses on management skills for ICC Chapters. Chapter leaders may use their annual Chapter benefit for either complimentary travel, hotel expenses and registration for the 2018 Chapter Leaders Academy or complimentary registration for the 2018 Annual Conference.



For New Chapters & Officers

ICC Chapter Relations Introduces a New Format for Our Chapter Officer Orientation Information

In order to ensure that all Chapter officers, new and existing, have the most up-to-date information in the most convenient format, all Officer Orientation materials can now be found online. In the past, presidents of new Chapters received a large binder with orientation information. Unfortunately, these paper copies quickly became out-of-date or the binders were lost as one Chapter President succeeded another.

With this new online format, all Chapter officers (not just the president) can easily access the latest news and information. Just click here and you'll see all the links you need to complete your Annual Report, set up a Chapter Education Benefit Day, contact your Chapter's Staff Liaison, and much more.

We're interested in your feedback. Let us know what you think of this new Orientation area. Did you need information you couldn't find? Does any of the information need to be more clear? Tell us about it. Or just drop us a line to let us know you like the new format! Email chapters@iccsafe.org or call Karla Price Higgs, Vice President, Member Services at 888-ICC-SAFE (888-422-7233) ext. 5268.

Chapter Forms

The Online Chapter Annual Report and the Online Chapter Meeting Request forms are now located in each Chapter's individual My Chapters area. By completing these forms in your My Chapters area they will be immediately acknowledged and become a permanent record in your Chapter profile. All Officers currently associated with a Chapter have access to this area. If you are not an officer or are having difficulty accessing your Chapter information, contact Chapter Relations. If you choose to download the form(s) below and submit manually (by fax, mail or email) please contact Chapter Relations to confirm receipt.

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