Validation Committee Certifies 2015 Group A Results. In accordance with Section 10.1 of Council Policy 28 Code Development, the ICC Validation Committee has certified the results of the Online Governmental Consensus Vote for the 2015 Group A International Codes. The ICC Board of Directors also confirmed a valid voting process at its meeting last month. View the tabulated results.

Preliminary 2015 Group A Online Governmental Consensus Vote Results Available. The 2015 Group A Online Governmental Consensus Vote was conducted Feb. 8-21 and the preliminary results are available. This document is presented in response to requests for Group A results information as it may relate to 2016 Group B code change submittals that are due to be posted on March 8. These results are not final as they are subject to certification by the Validation Committee and confirmation by the ICC Board in accordance with Section 10.1 of CP 28 Code Development. The 2015 Group A Final Action results, including vote tallies from both the Public Comment Hearing and OGCV, will be posted following certification in accordance with Section 10.4 of CP 28.

The code change proposal monograph and Report of the Committee Action Hearing  for the 2015 Group A Code Change cycle is posted below.

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Group A – Public Comment Agenda

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Complete MonographPublished 09/02/1535286 KB
2015 Discussion Guide and Technical Updates to the Public Comment AgendaPublished 09/18/151267 KB
Updates to the 2015 Discussion Guide and Public Comment Agenda (Updated 09/23/15)Published 09/22/15519 KB
Updates to the Tentative Hearing Order for the 2015 Public Comment Agenda (Updated 10/03/2015 5:45 PM)Published 09/22/154 KB
Table of ContentsPublished 08/27/152 KB
IntroductionPublished 08/27/15457 KB
IBC - Fire SafetyPublished 08/27/158779 KB
IBC - GeneralPublished 08/27/158222 KB
IBC - Means of EgressPublished 08/27/152105 KB
IBC - StructuralPublished 08/27/15696 KB
IEBCPublished 08/27/151421 KB
IFGCPublished 08/27/15998 KB
IMCPublished 08/27/155852 KB
IPCPublished 08/27/156756 KB
IPMCPublished 08/27/15952 KB
IRC - MechanicalPublished 09/02/152452 KB
IRC - PlumbingPublished 08/27/151438 KB
ISPSCPublished 08/27/152586 KB

Group A – Report of the Committee Action Hearing

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2015 Report of the Committee Action Hearing Results

Group A - Proposed Changes to the 2015 Editions

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Introduction Published 03/16/15 581 KB
Complete Monograph Published 03/16/15 32061 KB
Consolidated Monograph Updates (04/16/15) Published 04/16/15 2306 KB
Updates to the Monograph (04/02/15) Published 04/02/15 1247 KB
IBC - Fire Safety Published 03/16/15 5211 KB
IBC - General Published 03/16/15 7918 KB
IBC - Means of Egress Published 03/16/15 10162 KB
IBC - Structural Published 03/16/15 435 KB
IEBC Published 03/16/15 2935 KB
IFGC Published 03/16/15 743 KB
IMC Published 03/16/15 3630 KB
IPC-IPSDC Published 03/16/15 9057 KB
IPMC Published 03/16/15 778 KB
IRC - Mechanical Published 03/16/15 2281 KB
IRC - Plumbing Published 03/16/15 692 KB
ISPSC Published 03/16/15 3212 KB
Proposed New Standards Analyses Published 04/02/15 58 KB