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Public Comment Hearings (PCH) Results 

2014 CAH hearing schedule.pdf3/3/201413 KB
IADMIN.pdfInternational Codes Administrative Provisions (Complete)10/2/201311 KB
ICCPC.pdfICC Performance Code (Complete)10/3/201310 KB
IEBC.pdfInternational Existing Building Code (Complete)10/3/201311 KB
IECC-C.pdfInternational Energy Conservation Code - Commercial (Complete)10/9/201317 KB
IECC-R.pdfInternational Energy Conservation Code - Residential (Complete)10/7/201315 KB
IFC.pdfInternational Fire Code (Complete)10/3/201318 KB
IPMC.pdfInternational Property Maintenance Code (Complete)10/3/201311 KB
IRC-B.pdfInternational Residential Code - Building (Complete)10/4/201319 KB
IRC-M.pdfInternational Residential Code - Mechanical (Complete)10/5/201311 KB
IRC-P.pdfInternational Residential Code - Plumbing (Complete)10/6/201313 KB
ISPSC.pdfInternational Swimming Pool and Spa Code (Complete)10/2/201311 KB
IWUIC.pdfInternational Wildland-Urban Interface Code (Complete)10/3/201310 KB
Summary-FinalActionGroupB.pdfSummary of Final Action Group B Code Changes10/24/201374 KB
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