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Counterfeit Code Books 4/9/2024
International Code Council Board of Directors Makes Final Decision on 2024 IECC Appeals and Addresses Preemption Challenges 3/20/2024
2024 IECC Notice of Appeals Hearings 1/23/2024
CP28 Cost Impact - Board Clarification on Intent 11/20/2023
CP28 Cost Impact Supplemental Guidance 11/9/2023
Preparing for Hurricane Lee 9/13/2023
Preparing for Hurricane Idalia 8/29/2023
Update on Maui Wildfires 8/15/2023
New York State Adopts Appliance and Equipment Efficiency Regulations 6/16/2023
Rainwater Harvesting Standard 2022 Edition 4/18/2023
Update on Hurricane Ian 9/30/2022
Preparing for Hurricane Ian 9/26/2022
Voter Validation Update 8/26/2022
Update on Deadly Kentucky Flooding 7/29/2022
Code Council Statement on NJ Plumbing Code Decision
Update on Gulf Coast Tornadoes 3/23/2022
Philadelphia and New York City Building Fires 1/11/2022
Update on Colorado Wildfires 1/03/2022
Update on Deadly Weekend Tornadoes 12/14/2021
Update on Tropical Depression Ida 8/31/2021
Update on Hurricane Ida 8/27/2021
Preparedness for Tropical Storm Henri 8/20/2021
Launch of Code on a Mission Challenge 7/28/2021
Code Change Proposal Submittals Open for the 2024 International Energy Conservation Code and Chapter 11 International Residential Code 7/19/2021
An Open Letter to Building Safety Professionals 7/12/2021
Building Collapse in Surfside, Florida 6/24/2021
International Code Council Appoints Committees to Lead Energy Code Development 6/17/2021
Extensive Interest in IECC Development Committees 4/28/2021
Apply to serve on the 2024 IECC Development Committees 3/19/2021
A New Day in Advancing Energy Efficiency 3/4/2021
Leading the Way to Energy Efficiency 2/2/2021
Next Steps for the IECC 1/25/2021
Written Comments on IECC Now Posted 1/13/2021
Provide your thoughts about the IECC 1/5/2021
Public Comment Period on the IECC 12/18/2020
Blue Ribbon Committee Update on Preemption, Voter Guides, and the IECC 12/14/2020
Procedural Changes to the Code Development Process 11/10/2020
Making a Change to Serve You Better 10/22/2020
2019 Group B Code Cycle Appeals Concluded 10/8/2020
Appeals on Committee Reconsideration and Preemption Concluded 09/23/2020
Code Council Bylaws Committee Update 08/30/2020
Hurricane Laura 08/28/2020
Appeal hearings date change 08/27/2020
Follow up code official survey on pandemic response and needed resources 08/11/2020
Are you planning to participate in the appeal hearings? 08/07/2020
2019 Group B Code Cycle: Notice of Appeal Hearings 07/30/2020
Call for Interest: Long Term Code Development Process Committee 07/15/2020
2019 Group B Code Cycle: Notice of Appeals 07/09/2020
Code Council Blue Ribbon Committee meeting July 9 07/06/2020
Code development: A process of evolution and improvement 06/19/2020
Accuracy is an Essential Element of a Safe Built Environment 06/11/2020
Notice of Non-ALSC stamped lumber 06/08/2020
Supreme Court decision bolsters ICC’s copyright case 05/01/2020
Support Construction and Safe Buildings in Your Community 04/30/2020
2019 Group B Cycle Report Now Available 04/08/2020
We Are Here For You Virtually 03/17/2020
Next Steps in the Code Development Process 03/16/2020
Service Updates from the International Code Council (Coronavirus) 03/13/2020
Coronavirus 03/10/2020
Group B Code Changes Update 02/14/2020
Pete Gaynor Confirmed to Lead FEMA 01/15/2020
Significant Funding for Building Safety Priorities 12/19/2019
FEMA Publishes Post-disaster Building Safety Evaluation Guidance 12/10/2019
The code development process is open, balanced and inclusive 10/30/2019
Take action today on untested smoke alarms 10/03/2019
The Importance of Copyright Protection 08/01/2019
Chicago City Council votes to modernize building code 04/11/2019
Building Codes and Disaster Mitigation 10/18/2018
From Response to Recovery 09/25/2018
Preparing for Hurricane Florence 09/12/2018
Federal Cost Share Reform Incentive Update 02/28/2018
Building Codes and Pre-Disaster Mitigation in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 02/09/2018
New Resource on Combustible Exterior Wall “Cladding” Systems Network 10/27/2017
ICC Stands Ready to Help with Hurricane Irma 09/05/2017
Hurricane Harvey Code Heroes Housing Network 09/01/2017
The Code Council Ramps Up Help to the Victims of Hurricane Harvey 08/30/2017
Hurricane Harvey Projected to Hit the Texas Coast Soon 08/25/2017
Updated Codes Are Key to Safe, Resilient Buildings and Communities 07/19/2017